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The Most Important Smart Home Devices And Systems


Smart home is the concept of the modern household and living. The house is smart because it adapts to current activities, mood, habits and lifestyle of each member of the household, while it achieves energy savings.

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Smart home is the concept of the modern household and living.

In other words, it is a technology that integrates the various devices in the household (primarily electrical devices), in one system which is suitable for controlling. There are five basic methods of smart home control, and they are combined according to the user’s needs.

  • By remote control
  • Mobile or fixed phone
  • Computer (internet)
  • Touch screen
  • Sensors

There are a number of technological standards and protocols that enable the management of devices in the smart home. Complete communication between the device and the control modules works through electrical wiring. Some of the important systems, within this house, are:

  • Integrated alarm system
  • Video surveillance security system
  • System for control and management of home appliances
  • The system of home and garden lighting
  • Control systems for entrance doors, garage doors and gates
  • Audio and video management system
  • The integrated heating and cooling system – air conditioning system
  • System for remote control of curtains, window blinds and awnings (Read more: Glass Solar Panels Allow Smart Window Produce Power)
  • Control system for management of Jacuzzi, sauna or swimming pool
  • The integrated irrigation system.

Apart from these, one of the most attractive systems for smart home is the so-called program scenarios. It connects multiple commands (events) in a single sequence, which is activated by pressing the button, and then all commands are executed one after another by the desired order. In practice, the most common program scenarios are: watching home theater, visiting friends, going to work, lunch, vacation, etc. Each system is completely specific and different for each user. Also, it can be easily adapted and modified according to the needs.

Smart home devices operate within integrated home systems. In the market, there are a large number of smart devices, and these are some of the most popular in 2015:

  • Nest Thermostat – This is smart thermostat which regulates the temperature of home heating system. It uses Wi-Fi to control the temperature.
  • Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion – manages home electronics from anywhere.
  • Sentri – A temperature-monitoring device for heating systems. Also, it can be used to monitor home doubling as a security system.
  • Canary – Security system that protects your smart home by alerting you of intrusions.
  • The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home – It controls various home appliances.
  • Goji – Digital lock for a house that works via Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi.
  • Philips’ Hue Connected Bulb – Allows you to change changes the color of light bulbs from a mobile phone.
  • Homey – manages all connected appliances and devices in the house.
  • Smart Things – controls home kit by multifunctional sensors.

In developed and industrialized countries, most houses have been wired for telephones, TV outlets, electrical power, Internet and so on. Also, many household operations were automated by the specialized automated home appliances. The next level of development is a smart home, which unites all of these home devices, and makes our lives easier and more comfortable.

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » The Most Important Smart Home Devices And Systems