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Smart Energy Enables The Cheapest Electricity


Do you know what it is smart energy and smart meters? This energy comes from a renewable energy source (such as sun, wind, sea waves, and others) or electricity which is controlled by a special electronic device – smart meter. It provides low-cost and reliable electricity to the homes or industry.

Due to the large deregulation of energy markets, many electric supply companies purchase electricity at wholesale prices and then pass the savings along to customers. Today’s market supports a select company of licensed suppliers, which caused greater competition among these companies within the energy market. This competition encourages electric supply companies to provide cleaner energy options, excellent customer service and lower pricing plans.

Renewable Energy - Smart Energy

Renewable energy sources (RES) is one of the smart energy. Image credit: www.motherearthnews.com

Smart energy enables cheaper electricity, what you will notice when you get an electric bill from your local utility – at an affordable rate. Also, it enables the use of more affordable and high-quality alternative energy, that is ecologically friendly and better for own environment. These are the two basic advantages of smart energy that make it increasingly popular around the world. All this leads to a more efficient, smarter and greener energy supply systems.

As for the smart meter, it is an electric measuring device that records how much you spend electric energy at certain time intervals and send that information back to the utility for billing and monitoring. It can also be related, but rarely, to measuring device for water or natural gas consumption. This device enables two-way communication between the central systems and the meters, unlike the traditional automatic meter reading. The smart meters can gather all necessary information for remote reporting, and usually involve real-time sensors, power quality monitoring and power outage notification.

The main role of the smart meters is energy savings. In Europe, the installed base of all smart meters had about thirty nine million units at the end of 2008. When the other countries in the world have realized the importance of the smart energy, this number is considerably increased by 2015. Today, there are many smart electric grids and different smart energy systems throughout the world.

The smart grid is an energy network, which is made from new technologies, computers, automation, equipment and controls, all working and communicating together. In other words, it is a bit like an internet for electricity or gas. This is just one in a series of new green technology that use smart energy! We need the smart grid and smart systems to help us get the most from different power sources, such as wind, solar, and so on.

Can you imagine that your washing machine notifies you when electricity is cheaper or getting a notification from your home saying someone accidentally forgot to turn off the TV or other household appliance? Today, this is no longer science fiction. Some of these smart things will be available in the coming years.

Whether we like it or not, smart energy will certainly become part of our everyday life soon. This will significantly reduce energy consumption and reduce emission of harmful gases. We just need to think smart and green! Recommended reading: Smart Window Helps To Save Energy and Glass Solar Panels Allow Smart Window Produce Power.

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Homepage » Green Products » Smart things » Smart Energy Enables The Cheapest Electricity