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Green Cars And Electric Car Technology  


Trends in the automotive industry are constantly changing worldwide. Modern cars emit far less harmful gases compared to cars that are manufactured two or three decades ago. Oil and gas are becoming more and more expensive and their reserves in nature are getting smaller, so the alternative vehicle fuels are imposed as the ideal solution. Therefore, green cars and electric car technologies are often used around the world. 

Green cars

Green cars save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, locally and globally. Incentives provided by most western countries for the purchase of environmentally friendly vehicles, as well as the policies of the European Commission on the emission of CO2, have motivated many manufacturers to produce these cars.

Green Cars

Green cars save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, locally and globally. Image credit: interplextransportation.com

The engineers have managed to achieve savings in fuel consumption by detailed optimization of all car parts; from the engine and transmission to the aerodynamics. Green cars have built-in systems such as start / stop system during downtime, system for storing and reusing energy released by braking, the pointer for speed changes, and so on. The measures are very effective because consumption falls more than 10%, and they provide the same or even better performance than the original vehicle.

Many manufacturers have a line of green cars, but they are called differently. So, Seat has “Ecomotive”, Skoda – “Greenline”, Ford – “Econetic”, Hyundai – “Blue Drive”, etc. According to one research, most of these models become profitable long before 100,000 km. For example, Mercedes C 200 CDI immediately saves money.

Due to the fact that cars are not largely changed, the service intervals are the same, but some parts are still more expensive. This primarily relates to the aerodynamic add-ons that increase the cost of replacement in relation to “ordinary” models. In addition, start / stop systems and systems for reusing braking energy require additional maintenance costs.

However, they have low fuel consumption, so that the initial and maintenance costs are paid quickly. Most models of green cars consume an average of 6-7 L/100 km in urban driving conditions and 4-5 L/100 km on highway. The latest models consume even less than this. Moreover, these vehicles reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution significantly. 

Electric cars

An electric car is a vehicle that is propelled by electric motor (one or more), using electrical energy stored in an energy storage device, usually in special batteries. Electric cars were popular in the late 19th and early 20th century, but improvement of the internal combustion engine and the mass production of cheaper petrol vehicles have led to a reduction in the use of electrical vehicles.

In mid-2000, interest in the production of electric cars is renewed, mainly because of concerns about the rapid increase in oil prices and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Today, many well-known automotive companies produce these cars in the series.

Electric cars have several advantages compared to conventional cars with internal combustion engines: reduced air pollution, lifetime of batteries can be very long, high performance, greater energy efficiency (small energy loss), and so on.

However, their high purchase price (they are significantly more expensive than conventional vehicles with internal combustion engines) and high maintenance costs, makes electric cars unavailable to everyone. Green cars and electric car technology is advancing every day, so it is expected that these costs will continue to decline in the coming years.

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Homepage » Green Products » Transportation » Green Cars And Electric Car Technology