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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Homes


The solar energy that reaches the earth is many times greater than all the energy needs of modern civilization. Thermal solar energy represents unused riches that we all have the right to use. Anyone can make a solar home system of their own choice.

You must be wondering how it works, what are the benefits of these systems, how is a solar system designed, and of course how much it costs. On this, as on many other issues related to the solar system, you can find useful answers in this article.

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Install solar heating – solar home

Why do I install a solar-powered system in my house?

The advantages of these systems are environmental and financial nature. They reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere in a conventional heating mode. Moreover, solar-powered system saves an average of $85 per month on electricity bill. If you use it wisely, you can save up to one hundred dollars per month.

How it works?

Each solar home system must have a solar collector (plate or vacuum), which consist of a multitude of photovoltaic (PV) cells. They absorb thermal energy from the sun and use it to water heating, pool heating or heating of the entire household. Also thermal solar energy can be used for electricity to power the house.

How is a solar system designed?

They consist of: solar collectors, the storage tank (boiler), a control panel with the pump, expansion vessel, pipe systems, from a variety of valves, taps and insulation. These are the basic parts of a typical solar home system, but today there are many modern structures that can be designed differently.

How to choose a solar home system?

Today there are a number of solar panels on the market. It is important to choose one that best suits your energy consumption and habits. The first thing you need to evaluate before buying solar panels is the amount of energy needed to power the equipment you use at home. In addition, it is essential to know the average number of equivalent hours of the day and the intensity of radiation for a given geographic location. 

How they work where there is no sun in the sky?

You should also know that the solar home system can’t work if there is no sun at all (during the night and at a total cloud cover). Then in the solar system currently stops heat water, which is normal. But at a minimum amount of direct and diffuse light, the solar system starts working again, even if the outside temperature is below zero. Solar boiler accumulates solar energy during sunny weather, that we could use the warm water at night.

What is the money saving?

The optimally designed system can satisfy up to 80% of the demand for domestic hot water and achieve 30% – 50% savings for space heating. According to some experiences, they can save 80-100 dollars each month.

How much it costs?

Price depends on the type of the solar system, its purpose, geographical location and the size of the house. The typical solar home cost between 15,000 and 35,000 dollars. Equipment costs about 50% of the total price (solar panels cost 4,500 – 10,000 dollars), permitting 15%, installation 10%, maintenance/repairs 15% and additional operational costs are about 10 percent of the total price. Read more: How Much Does A Solar Home System Cost?

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Homes