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Can Ethanol Boost Engine Performance?


Ethanol fuel is a clear, colorless liquid and known as ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, and EtOH. The fuel has the same chemical formula regardless of whether it is produced from starch- and sugar-based feedstocks, such as corn grain, sugar cane, or from cellulosic feedstocks. Read more What is Ethanol? The increase in ethanol use over the past 30 years has created a great deal of interest in ethanol’s fuel properties and how it impacts engines and engine performance.


What Ethanol can do for Engine?

Boosts octane

Octane is the single most important fuel property as higher octane is the key to higher torque, power and efficiency. With a 113 octane rating, ethanol is the highest rated performance fuel in the market and keeps today’s high compression engines running smoothly.

Is not the causes engine corrosion

Tests have been conducted on engines by renown institutions such as NREL that have concluded that ethanol does not increase corrosion.

Keeps fuel systems clean

Ethanol and detergents help to keep gummy deposits out of a car’s fuel system.

Ethanol prevents wintertime problems

It acts as a gas line antifreeze helping to reduce wintertime issues.

Reduce harmful emissions

E10 reduces emissions of all criteria polluters, including carbon monoxide, exhaust hydrocarbons and fine particulates.

Reduces knock

It has a significantly higher heat of vaporization providing a cooling effect which helps reduce engine knock.

Is not an effect drivability

Tests and fleet studies, including those conducted by Amoco and the CRC, indicated no difference in vehicle performance compared to E0.

Source: RFA

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Homepage » Green Energy » Green fuels » Can Ethanol Boost Engine Performance?