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Benefits of Recycling and Reusing Asphalt


We depend on asphalt for a lot of our construction projects. From roads to pavements to roof shingles, it is easy to see asphalt being used everywhere. Asphalt can be very damaging to the environment because it uses oil byproducts to gain the characteristics that make it so versatile and great for different types of projects. Recycling and reusing asphalt is therefore important for the environment. Today, we are going to look at some other benefits we can get from recycling and reusing asphalt.

Reusing Asphalt

It Saves Natural Resources

When asphalt is recycled or reused, we require less aggregate to be mined and for large amounts of asphalt to be transported to our communities. By recycling and reusing asphalt, we save scarce natural resources while avoiding the environmental impact that mining and transporting asphalt and aggregate has on our environment.

It Reduces Landfill Waste

Asphalt is 100% recyclable which means that if we can reuse as much of it as possible then we can reduce the amount of asphalt that ends up in landfills. Additionally, different companies have already developed ways to reuse asphalt where it is found to avoid stripping roads and pavements and using new asphalt to do the repairs required.

Infrared asphalt repair is one of the sustainable options that are helping reduce the amount of asphalt that ends up in landfills. Instead of stripping damaged asphalt, the process uses an infrared heater to heat it so that it can be combined with new asphalt. The result is less asphalt ending up in a landfill as well as the contractor using far less asphalt to complete the repairs.

It Reduces Greenhouse Emissions

The manufacture of virgin asphalt results in greenhouse emissions that are damaging to the environment. This is because the process entails the burning of fossil fuels to turn them into a final product. When we recycle asphalt, we do not use additional fossil fuels, which can decrease the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted and can help reduce the reliance on nonrenewable energy sources in the manufacture of asphalt.

It Saves Money

Apart from the environmental benefits we get from recycling asphalt, we also save money in the process. Recycled asphalt performs just as well as virgin asphalt. In some cases, it outperforms it too. Recycling asphalt helps contractors save money while getting the same performance from the recycled asphalt.

Additionally, companies that use recycled asphalt do not have to grapple with the fluctuating cost of oil. Since asphalt uses an oil product, the cost goes up any time the cost of oil goes up. In cases where the price of oil gets too high, using recycled asphalt can help companies save a lot of money.

Although asphalt remains one of the most important construction materials, it can be damaging to the environment if not handled carefully. It contains oil, which we know to be very damaging to the environment. This is why companies that are concerned about the environment and the future of our planet choose recycled asphalt over virgin asphalt. In addition to its environmental benefits, recycled asphalt also has some economic benefits that companies can take advantage of.

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Homepage » Why Green? » Benefits of Recycling and Reusing Asphalt