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(White paper) Green Computing Beyond the Data Center


This white paper “Green Computing Beyond The Datacenter” will help you to discover how to lower computer energy costs by reducing workstation power consumption without impacting user productivity.

Most organizations considering green computing initiatives start in the data center, but the cold hard truth is that in many organizations more computing power and heat waste is generated outside of the data center. Saving energy, power, and cooling also involves desktops, peripherals, and wiring closets. Therefore, in order to succeed with green computing initiatives, all areas must be addressed. This white paper demonstrates how to implement green computing across the entire IT environment, including how Faronics Power Save can help achieve a reduction in energy costs and usage.

Green Computing

Data Centers: Some Surprising Statistics

Data centers consume 1.5% of the total electricity used on the planet, and this amount is expected to grow unless organizations begin addressing the issue now. Consider these statistics:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that centralized computing infrastructures—also known as data centers—currently use 7 gigawatts of electricity during peak loads. This translates into about 61 billion kilowatt hours of electricity used in the past year. By the EPA’s estimates, power-hungry data centers consume the annual output of 15 average-sized power plants.

One of the top constraints to increasing computing power, besides the ability to cool, is simply delivering enough power to a given physical space. In fact, for this very reason, computer and Internet giants Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo are building their new data centers on the Columbia River, where there is access to both hydroelectric power and a ready-made source of cooling.

Power Usage

2007 As the power bill for data centers rises, organizations are seeing their growing appetite for energy affect their bottom line. $4.5 billion of electricity was purchased by corporations and government agencies last year to feed the expanding demands of heat generating centralized processing. In an interesting comparison, the current annual power consumed by data centers would be sufficient to desalinate enough water to cover the entire land mass of Australia at a rate of 300 liters per square meter.

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Homepage » White paper » (White paper) Green Computing Beyond the Data Center