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How to Remove Date from Photo with Movavi


At one point in time it was common to find bright red ‘date stamps’ on pretty much every photo that was captured on cameras. That is no longer in style, however, and most people regard date stamps as less than desirable as they distract and get in the way of the actual photo itself.

That being said sometimes you may find that some of your photos still have date stamps on them. It may be because they are older photos, or it may be that you accidentally had the date stamp setting turned on. In either case the good news is that you can remove date stamp from photo – you just need to edit it to do so.

Remove Date from Photo

Typically, if you want to edit a photo and remove a date stamp you will need to use a photo editor to select it before you can remove it. That can often be tricky, but Movavi Photo Editor will help make it easier.

Essentially Movavi Photo Editor has a simple ‘brush’ tool that you can use to paint over the date stamp and select it. If you have difficulty manually painting it over, you could try the ‘magic wand’ that will automatically select elements that are of a similar color.

By making it easy to select the date stamp you should have no trouble removing it with Movavi Photo Editor. The only other common problem that you may run into is if imperfections are left behind after you do – but the ‘stamp’ tool can help to take care of them by effectively duplicating another similar area and stamping it over the imperfections.

In short you should be able to quickly and effectively remove any date stamps you don’t want from your photos, and ensure no traces or imperfections are left behind. Additionally, it is worth noting that you can use Movavi Photo Editor in the same way to remove any other unwanted elements from your photos as well, and deleting or replacing the background isn’t much different.

Frankly speaking all of the features in Movavi Photo Editor are similarly easy to use, and with them you will be able to improve the quality of your photos, fix common issues, insert captions, apply filters, and much more. If you start to experiment with its features, you’ll soon see that you can do far more than just removing an unwanted date stamp.

As you can see the main challenge with removing date stamps and other elements is selecting them, but Movavi Photo Editor can help to simplify that. If you have a photo with a glaring and unwanted date stamp on it, why not try removing it so that you can get a feel for how easy it actually is?

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Homepage » Uncategorized » How to Remove Date from Photo with Movavi