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Power Station Maintenance through an Organized Setup


Rising use of consumer durable products and home appliances has also triggered a marked rise in electricity consumption. The power stations, as a result, are pushing to their limits in order to meet this exhilarating demand for electricity. The functioning at its maximum capacity is also taking a toll on the health of the power sectors.

Power Station Maintenance


The only way to keep the power sectors running efficiently with a transmission that works seamlessly is possible via a thorough maintenance standard. The improper upkeep can very well trigger a potential disaster due to the dangerous nature of the electrical current within a power plant or a power sub-station. The maintenance works need to be carried out by high voltage installers or electrical engineers who are specialised to carry out such tasks.


The maintenance providers are generally organizations that take up the task of power stations and sub-stations upkeep. The organizations are best described as EPCs or engineering procurement construction firms. The organizations function through their dedicated team of engineers that offers quite a diverse range of services. The services include management of projects, assistance regarding purchasing of heavy electrical equipment, construction of sub-stations, commissioning demolition of sub-stations, and the HV/LV line maintenance.


The services that are provided by the organizations are available on a 24-hour basis, 7 days a week. A team specialised to act quickly at a short notice is also kept at hand by these organisations. As it is evident due to the nature of electricity, snags can develop possibly even at the best-maintained systems. The services that are extended are very much suited according to the requirement of the client. Most of the maintenance providers are spread far and wide across the globe. Some have even earned a name and reputation in places like the United Kingdom. The repair and maintenance works undertaken are quite diverse in regards to the voltage range. From a very low voltage to a voltage faring in the range of 400 KV gets covered.

Thorough Inspection:

The work that is carried out nears completion at the site of the client after giving a thoroughly detailed look at the conditions of the assets, evaluating the standards and the state of the assets. The maintenance work regarding high voltage engineering aims at minimising the risks of breakdowns, increases the life of the equipment installed in substations, and also increase the efficiency standards.

Design Oriented:

In order to achieve a fully functional electrical system, the maintenance providers normally carry out a detailed analytical survey covering from low voltage to high voltage systems. The design supplied is ensured of quality, along with a thorough ever present technical support. The fault checking procedure enables the high or low voltage systems to be tested under fault conditions.

The faults that are normally identified goes with the problems arising from switchgear, generator, earthing etc. The problems are singled out to be dealt effectively with a detailed report. A typical report contains protection curves, datasheets in substations, diagrams containing load flows, fault levels, system protection etc.

Assessments and Identification:

The bearable capacity of the electrical system is matched by the maintenance providers to that of the process of monitoring of the actual load that is present in the site. The faults through these types of various measures are identified fast and effectively.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is an author of repute and has penned so far a number of articles in leading journals of the power industries on the topic of workforces that deal with high voltage engineering and equipment installations.

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Homepage » Technology reviews » Green reviews » Power Station Maintenance through an Organized Setup