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How to keep your cost of skip hire down


When it comes to choosing skip hire that’s affordable, look no further than Preston Skip Hire Ltd. Skip hire is ideal for disposing of waste, whether it be from your home renovation or construction site.

skip hire down

If you generate too much waste to transport back and forth to the tip, you could benefit from skip hire in Preston. The prices of skip hire vary, there are a few factors to take into consideration before you decide which skip suits your needs best! Consider the following:


Think about what size skip you need. the size of the skip will be dependent on the size of your domestic or commercial project, and the type of waste you generate. The bigger the skip you require, the more it will cost. Having said this, it works out cheaper to hire the sufficient sized skip rather than one that’s too small. Overfilling a skip will work out expensive, some skip hire companies will not remove your skip if the contents aren’t stored safely, or you’ll have to pay for the excess material to be removed.

The skips for hire in Preston include the domestic skips, ranging from 2-cubic yards to 16-cubic yards and the commercial skips are available at Skips Preston up to 40-cubic yards! Click here to find out more information.

Length of time

How long do you need your skip for? The longer you store a skip on your premises, the more you’ll be charged; this is to make sure you use the skip efficiently and don’t store any potentially hazardous materials for too long!

Skips Preston provides a convenient service, collecting your skip as soon as it’s full. If need be, we can collect your skip from your property and deliver a new one- providing you with little disruption to your project.

Keeping this in mind, the cost to hire a commercial skip may seem significantly greater than that of a domestic skip, however, the cost is somewhat cheaper than hiring two small skips!


Depending on where you want to store your skip, you may require a permit that is provided by the local authority. If you plan to keep your skip on your driveway, skip hire in Preston will be more affordable.

Skip hire can cost more if you plan to keep your skip on the roadside overnight. It’s essential you obtain a permit if this is what you plan to do, it allows you to adhere to all laws and legislations. If you don’t have a permit for your skip, you’ll be fined.

If you want to find the cheapest skips for hire in Preston, choose Preston Skip Hire Ltd. It’s recommended that you store your skip on private property, this will help to keep the costs down. But if this isn’t possible, perhaps you don’t have access to a driveway or there’s insufficient space available, you’ll need to obtain a permit from the local council- Skips Preston can do so on your behalf, providing you with peace of mind.

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Homepage » Technology reviews » Green reviews » How to keep your cost of skip hire down