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How Big Data Is Shaping The Future of IoT Technology


We can’t deny the fact that this has played a significant role in the world of Big Data. A few years ago, this was just hype, but it became the norm as more and more companies and business sectors began to realize the importance of data in making the best possible decisions for the firm.

This year, we are still experiencing the continued growth of systems supporting a non-relational form of data, as well as extensive data.

We can say that Big Data is just getting bigger and bigger over time– each industry has something to say. Though, one this for sure, Big Data is shaping the future of IoT Technology.

IoT Technology

The Internet of Things Would Eventually Take Over the “World”

We all rely on the Internet, and apparently, people can’t live without their devices anymore. The IoT technology is best described as a vast technological network, which can be utilized in some ways, ranging from weather sensors, medical implants, power grids, vehicles, and so on.

Wherein, the endless streams of data that has been collected and exchanged while connected to the Internet allow the machines and devices to function efficiently.

For the following years, it’s expected that the IoT technology will grow by at least 30% in the next five years. In fact, it would even create an economic value between $3.9 trillion and $11.1 trillion by 2025.

Big Data for Driverless Driving

Perhaps, one of the few things autonomous manufacturers have in common is that they utilize big data. Big data plays a significant role in the creation and development of self-driving vehicles because it’s the “data” that “drives” these vehicles.

Technically speaking, big data is the collection of large data sets that are analyzed computationally where trends, patterns, and associations are revealed. This can be very much observed, especially with human behavior and interactions. It handles all the information and data used for the autonomous vehicle through an extensive network in a real time setting.

This data is crucial and should be connected to a network or information database for it to be able to interact with its surroundings. Thus, it has been said that big data can help automakers resolve the challenges often related to autonomous vehicles.

The Use of “Smart” Cones

Smart traffic cones are one of IoT-based safety and monitoring systems known for providing accurate detection, total mobility, multiple-type warnings, and full scalability; making it perfect for dangerous situations. However, this wouldn’t even be possible with the help of Big Data technology.

These traffic cones contain a compelling computing platform that runs using IoT technology. This allows the user to modify the sensor module depending on the situation quickly.

Additionally, smart traffic cones can work together and create a remarkable mesh network. It utilizes a new approach, where cognitive behavior engine processes the data being communicated through the individual cones. Likewise, due to its series of difficult algorithms, collection, manipulation, and population are all accurate.

Cognitive Computing Would Improve

For those who are not familiar with what “cognitive computing” is, it’s a method that relies on AI, machine learning, and natural language processing that would allow humans and machines to interact more efficiently, while also giving access to the knowledge computers have. This can be compared to IBM’s Watson, which analyzes vast quantities of medical data.

Self-Service Becomes Important

For the past few years, self-service is becoming more and more crucial in almost every aspect of technology, and Big Data is no exception. With this technology, one can easily prepare the needed data right when it’s needed.

Additionally, this would also lessen the difficulty that’s usually involved in data preparation and analysis. What we’re trying to say is that one will be able to attain the necessary information needed, and be able to assess it from there.

As businesses try to understand technological evolution, even more, it’s also important that the leaders would have the initiative to hone their professional skills and gain more knowledge that would allow them to digitize both of their internal and external operations.

By having a better understanding of how Big Data and Analytics work, it can help business owners run parallel to the direction where the domain is progressing. Keep in mind, big data comes from different sources, and it’s important to have the necessary capabilities for you to be able to recognize its process effectively.

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Homepage » Technology reviews » How Big Data Is Shaping The Future of IoT Technology