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The magazine for information on power resources.

Issues: 12 issues / 12 months

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Access To Energy (ATE) is a monthly newsletter (mailed every other month). Each four page newsletter contains 2 or 3 long article and 4 or 5 short articles, in small type, as shown in the photo on this Amazon site. The newsletter’s byline states:

“Pro-Science, Pro-Technology, Pro-Free Enterprise Monthly Newsletter”

And, that’s what you get. There are hard-hitting articles on a lot of the pseudo-science of global warming. Usually there is a great article on the process of scientific thought and process. At the end of the newsletter is a list of great articles and references that have just been released.

You’ll find lots of pro-nuclear articles and articles that point out the large number of deaths in Africa caused by the ban on DDT…

I like to visit [their websites]periodically and follow the articles on the best way to learn material.

Ordering this newsletter from Amazon is probably the easiest way to get started. I highly recommend this interesting newsletter. If you enjoy following the claims made on C02 you’ll find the recent newsletters interesting.

The newsletter was previously published by Dr. Petr Beckman, a Electrical Engineering professor in Colorado. After he passed away, the newsletter was continued by Dr. Robinson – who used to be the #2 guy with Dr. Linus Pauling (interesting story there).

Petr Beckman railed against the restraints against energy production, hence the name “Access To Energy”. Some of that subject follows into this newsletter, but there is much more attention to biological themes as that is Dr. Robinson’s specialty.

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Homepage » Product » Magazine subscription: Access to Energy