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Infographic: Pull The Plug On Power Cuts


Power cuts have been affecting the world for years, with the push from coal to renewable energy sources; the fear of future power cuts has only been increased. One of the worst power cuts the world has seen was in 2001, when India saw 230 million people affected (Almost 3.5 times the population of the UK).

Power cuts can last anywhere from a few minutes or hours to days or weeks! The push that has seen an increased fear of power cuts was the move away from coal due to resources running low, it is estimated that the UK only has around 5.2 years worth of oil reserves, 4.5 years of coal reserves and 3 years of gas reserves left. The UK has an abundant source of clean, renewable energy, from wind to waves. Unlike traditional fossil fuels (coal, gas etc), renewable, natural energy will never run out, which means theoretically we should never run short of energy. Not only would this enable us to have an ever-lasting source of energy but the switch to renewable energy would see a reduction of harmful chemicals being produced and thus have a positive impact on climate change and protect the environment for future generations.

The UK has heavily invested in onshore and off shore wind farms, as the most cost-effective way of securing renewable energy and the UK has been the world leader in offshore wind since October 2008, which as much capacity as the rest of the world combined. The UK will be well placed to meet its target of 30 percent renewable energy by 2020 and hopefully in years to come it’ll increase even more, reducing the need for fossil fuels. Not only would this be saving the planet from the effects of fossil fuels but could also see hundreds of thousands of new jobs become available. This would ensure the security of UK energy and ultimately see our reliance on importing expensive coal.oil and gas from overseas diminish. In the long-run, the UK will not only be able to stop importuning fuel, but will be able to export “home-grown” energy to countries with a limited natural supply.

Plug on Powercuts

Source: http://generator-power.co.uk/blog/powercuts/pull-the-plug-on-powercuts/

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Homepage » Infographic » Infographic: Pull The Plug On Power Cuts