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Infographic: 10 indicators our climate is changing


How do we know our climate is changing permanently, rather than just going through a normal period of flux? Let’s look at 10 major change scientists see in our climate system to help set the record straight.

The average surface temperatures increased 1.1—1.6 degrees Fahrenheit (0.6—0.9 degrees Celsius) between 1906 and 2005. However, it’s the rate of temperature change that’s especially troubling to scientists; temperatures have risen nearly twice as fast in the last 50 years alone.

climate change

Below are 10 major change scientists have seen in our climate system!

  1. Air temperatures over land are increasing
  2. Air temperatures over oceans are increasing
  3. Arctic sea ice decreasing
  4. Glaciers are melting
  5. Sea levels are rising
  6. Humidity (Everyone’s favorite) is increasing
  7. Ocean heat content is increasing
  8. Sea surface temperature is increasing
  9. Snow is decreasing
  10. The earth’s lower atmosphere temperature is increasing

Read more details: https://www.climaterealityproject.org/blog/10-indicators-that-show-climate-change

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Homepage » Infographic » Infographic: 10 indicators our climate is changing