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When would a mortgage provider require a tree survey report?


If you are seeking a mortgage or are going through the process of remortgaging, there are many things that you might be asked as part of the process. Your mortgage provider might ask for you to provide a tree survey report. This report is conducted by an expert, and they will assess trees and how they impact your building or structures.

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This type of report will be requested once an assessment of your property has been carried out by a building surveyor. If necessary, the survey will identify and suggest potential options when it comes to managing those risks that are associated with the trees that have been identified. The aim is to help prevent damage and repairs to the property in question.

What is the aim of a tree survey?

The aim of the tree survey is to cover two main purposes.

The first is that it will be used to provide mortgage providers and insurance companies with information on potential damage to structures and to help reduce repair costs. Secondly, it is used for mortgage applications as it enables lenders to determine the level of risk that the trees pose to the property and people. This will consider possible branch falls, raised paving from roots and even tree failure due to poor health. The report will also provide information relating to potential costs associated with the works which can then be discussed with the lender.

How does a tree survey impact a mortgage?

A building surveyor might request that a tree survey is carried out during a mortgage application. This might mean that you need to call the experts when it comes to Essex tree surveys. This might not indicate that any trees close to the property will cause damage, but it might be completed as a precaution. The tree survey might highlight that tree works are required to ensure they do not become too large which can then lead to problems. Trees of all sizes can cause problems with the structure as well as paving and walls surrounding the property.

Essentially, a mortgage provider is lending you money to purchase your property, so they are going to want to make sure that their investment is protected and that the risks are reduced. The tree survey will enable the mortgage lender to make certain requests to take action on any trees that could lead to problems in the future. This could delay the mortgage and that will mean that you will need to have a conversation with the sellers to explain the situation and that they will need to rectify the problem before the mortgage lender will release the funds.

In most cases, the issue can be solved with some professional pruning and cutting, all of which will ensure that the tree is no longer a risk. Should the tree need removing then this can also be taken care of but the main thing to do is ensure all necessary works are completed by experts as this will then increase your chances of obtaining your mortgage successfully.

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Homepage » How to Green » When would a mortgage provider require a tree survey report?