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Ways to Reduce the Consumption of Electricity


People who have grown up in electricity powered areas almost always take the usage of power for granted. These people have no idea what might be the condition if the electricity would not have been there. With the use of electricity, life has become easier beyond our expectations and what we say, is more comfortable. Conserving electricity is of utmost importance in today’s world.

Consumption of Electricity

Why Is It Important To Conserve Electricity?

  • Declining of resources – Electrical energy can be derived from two major types of resources-The Renewable (The Sun, The Wind), and the Non-renewable (Water and Fossil Fuel, example-coal)The first kind is available in abundance and can be renewed as and when required. The later one is limited in quantity and if not utilized properly can lead to major crisis in the near future. Electricity is largely produced from the second source.
  • Protection of the environment – Another important reason to conserve electricity is to protect the environment as consumption of fossil fuel causes pollution. Burning of fossils gives out energy, but at the same time causes pollution. Discharge of gases from the cars and various vehicles creates smoky layer in the air that indirectly causes air pollution. The soil is polluted when pollutants mix with the air and form acid rain. Therefore, it is very much evident why it is necessary to protect the environment, which is the birth and breeding place of certain living creatures.
  • Availing power to remote places – We should help constantly to save electricity so that electricity can be made available to remote places where there is no light after dusk.

Tips to reduce electricity consumption

  1. Switch off gadgets when not in use – Whenever you are leaving a room in your office or at home switch off the lights and fans or other gadgets. Turn your gadgets to automatic sleep mode if not in use.
  2.    Initiate efficient lightings – Install latest lighting devices such as CFL’s and LED for lesser consumption of electricity. These have inbuilt power saving mode and use 1/4th power than other traditional lighting systems. They are designed in such a way so that they can reduce the consumption of power.
  3. Use power saving devices – Whether in home or office it is a better option if one can install devices which are specialized to save electricity which are also known as electric power savers. These devices utilize smart technology and are designed in such a way that they reduce up to 30% of your electric bills.
  4. Install solar cells – Solar power is a renewable source of energy. The solar cells get charged by the heat of the sun and that power or energy is stored up in the cells which can be utilized anytime. It is always a smart decision if one can install solar cells at home or office.
  5. Replace old wiring systems to new ones – Old wiring always consumes more electricity and replacing them with new ones is a better idea. The wiring should also be checked from time to time for leaks or loose connection problems. Proper insulation is to be done for all the electronic gadgets.

Therefore, it is evident that saving electricity is very much important. We have to follow the ways to reduce electricity consumption if we have to provide the future generations the same kind of facilities that we enjoy now.

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Using electric power savers are the most efficient way to save electricity in your offices or homes.

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Homepage » How to Green » Ways to Reduce the Consumption of Electricity