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Useful Tips For Those Who Want To Put Solar Heating


Solar heating is the process of heating space, water or air using converted solar energy. Solar radiation energy is converted into thermal energy by means of thermal solar energy receivers which are usually called solar collectors. Any surface exposed to sunlight can be a receiver of heat. If you want to add solar home in your household, here you can find some useful tips for installation of solar panels. First, find out what are active and passive solar systems.

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Install solar heating – solar home

Active and passive solar systems

The active solar home system has moving parts and own electronics. Passive type solar system is a system which relies on the principles of natural water flow. The advantage of the active system is that water circulated irrespective of the outside temperature, of course, only when the pump is turned on.

One of the possible solutions for solar home is the so-called active closed loop system. By its nature, the closed-loop system does not use fresh water (it keeps the same fluid all the time), make achieves a minimum of scale. To prevent freezing temperatures, people poured into the solar system conventional antifreeze (ethylene glycol), or a solution favorable to the environment (propylene glycol). Both are usually mixed with water in approximately equal proportions.

Closed-loop solar systems operate on the principle of continuous pipe in which water circulates from the collector to the boiler, and so forth. Inside the boiler, the water flows through the heat exchanger, and comes on the roof to be heated by solar warmth.

Installation of solar panels

The solar panel is the most important part of the entire solar system for heating water. If you have no experience in this job, you should consult with an expert, or even to pay for their help. The following description is only one type of solar panel for a solar home. Every other project may be different, because each job is unique experience.

Essential tool for installing solar panels:

  • Hacksaw
  • Equipment for welding
  • Tool for length measuring
  • Tool for measuring pipe diameter
  • Power drill and screwdriver
  • Silicone and apparatus for applying silicone

For easy installation of solar panels to roof is designed especially steel case. The purpose of the steel casing is twofold. First, it protects the panel that it would not be blown down and to not be twisted. Secondly, steel case raises the solar panel from roof at least 3.94 inches (it is enough space to rain or snow can pass under it).

Here are the stages of the installation of panels for a solar home:

  • Place the steel casing on the roof
  • Set it above the two roof beams, and then drill tiles and roof beams with a corresponding electric drill
  • Thread the one long screw through the hole and secure it to the underside of the beams
  • Repeat for all four edges of the steel casing before to mounting panel solar collector
  • Finally, the collector panel is fastened to the steel chassis with screws in some of the smaller holes

If you don’t have any experience, this can make you look very complicated. But with the help of this text and with the help of an expert in the solar system, you can easily do this. Remember, solar home is a smart solution for every household that will warm your home and save you a considerable amount of money.

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Homepage » Green Products » Home/Office Devices » Useful Tips For Those Who Want To Put Solar Heating