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Travel Green – Travel Responsibly


What will you do to fill in the time slots on your holiday vacation? Having some authorized leave either from our jobs or studies, most of us opt to use these times to travel out of town or even across the country. But what about spicing up your holiday trip with some natural ingredients? Enjoy your vacation with these few ideas on how to travel green!

Travel Green

When you pack…

To travel green does not start with the traveling per se but before you leave home. So pick these tips up as you pack your things:

  • Pack light. Keeping your cargo light keeps the consumption of the fuel at its minimum; and the lesser the fuel combustion, the lesser the carbon dioxide you’ll contribute to the larger percentage.
  • Bring a tumbler. Consider refilling your bottles with water than buying some carbonated drinks – a greener, healthier and more practical way to reduce plastic bottle wastes.
  • Don’t leave any appliances on or plugged in the outlet. Surely you wouldn’t want to start a fire when you’re not around, huh. Nobody wants that!

Head over wheels

Did you know that the over-all transportation (air, land, water) is the main contributor for carbon dioxide (CO2) emission in US? In response, here are some actionable points you have to consider to travel green as you ensure your safety on the road:

  • Drive responsibly. Sudden stops and starts increase fuel consumption, thus, adds up to the carbon footprint of your driving. Maintaining a smooth drive is also defined by the condition of your car’s wheels. So better check and inflate your tires properly.
  • Avoid congested roadways. You surely wouldn’t want to destroy your mood with a long traffic jam! So better plan your trip earlier or find for not so crowded roads.
  • Take the public transit. When you take off riding a bus or any other public transportation, you are reducing the number of vehicles on the road, thus, you are also decreasing CO2

When you get there…

During your stay, whether you’re in a hotel or with your relatives’ residence, always ask yourself how you can maintain a green travel. Here are some useful bullets that provide simple yet effective practices to keep your travel green:

  • Mind your energy (water and electricity) consumption
  • Whenever you leave the room, make sure that you turn all of the appliances off
  • Don’t demand for a towel change every day
  • Eat organic food
  • When going around the area, review the Head over wheels section of this page or consider going for a public transportation, biking or walking
  • When going shopping, reuse plastic bags

To travel green often makes anyone think of a boring cheap vacation. But no. To travel green only means minding the environment as you get to enjoy the rest of the day. It’s simply the application of 3Rs, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, before leaving your house, while traveling on the way, and as you get to your destination.

Simply put, to travel green is to travel responsibly.

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Homepage » How to Green » Travel Green – Travel Responsibly