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Top Tips for a Greener Festival Season


With this year’s festival season now over, it is the perfect time to reflect on the experience for those of us who are festival regulars. Every year, we gather our supplies, load up the car and embark upon the cross country drive to the appropriate field and set up for a couple of days of outdoor living. Green Festivals is the biggest and longest-running manageability occasion in the United States. Green Festivals unites the world’s most put stock in organizations, imaginative brands, and national and nearby organizations, spearheading scholars and shoppers, in one dynamic commercial center to share answers for living more advantageous, more feasible lives. Part of the festival experience is about living without access to the usual comforts or trappings of modern life, but in our inevitable efforts to mitigate this we sometimes end up embracing products and technologies whose production and/or distribution runs counter to the eco friendly ideals that many festivals, and indeed festival goers, hold dear.

It is never too early to start thinking about next year’s festival season and the earlier we prepare the smoother the entire experience will be. Below are some words of advice from seasoned festival goers on how to make your festival experience a greener one.

Use Public Transport

Festivals are incredible experiences for all those involved and there is something magical about tens of thousands of like minded individuals all descending on a single location to create and enjoy a shared experience. The problem is, when tens of thousands of individuals all drive to the same place, the environmental impact is not insignificant. Most festivals will organize some form of public transport which festival goers can take advantage of for at least part of their journey. Where this isn’t available, or is unsuitable, try to arrange to carpool with others who are going. The less vehicles that need to make the journey, the better.

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Minimize the Amount of Waste You Generate

It is inevitable that with tens of thousands of people in one place, significant amounts of litter will be generated. One of the less seen sides of festivals is the massive clean-up operation that can go on for days after the event is over. The most effective way of minimizing the amount of littler left behind is to encourage each individual to take responsibility for their garbage and to consider it as part of their festival preparations. Opt for products that are either designed specifically for festival goers or designed to be used without leaving waste behind. Wherever possible, you should remove any external packaging from items before you leave rather than having to dispose of it on site. Increasingly festivals are offering recycling alongside regular trash disposal and you should make use of these facilities wherever you can.

Let Organizers Know You Care

Ultimately, festivals will only survive for as long as they are able to sell tickets and draw in a crowd. Let festival organizers know how important being eco friendly is to you; you can usually find contact details for organizers on the festival’s website. Every aspect of the festival experience can be made greener as long as the incentive exists to do so. Insist that festival organizers turn to companies like Satellite Industries, Inc who take their environmental impact seriously.

Festivals are an important annual event for those of us who frequent them and for many people they also represent something bigger; a shared experience with like minded individuals. Everyone benefits from a greener festival experience and we should all aim to do our bit to encourage a more eco friendly experience.

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Homepage » How to Green » Top Tips for a Greener Festival Season