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Top 5 Ideas For Renovating Your House In An Eco-Friendly Manner

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As they say, change is the only constant! It fits to be true for every aspect of our life and our home. Just like you update your wardrobe every season, you need to update your house for its longevity and increased comfort. Yes, in the beginning you might feel that bringing changes in your already cozy home is a bad idea, but trust us, if you want your home to stand strong, it is not a bad idea to get some renovation and repairs done. The choice is yours totally whether you want to renovate one room or the entire house.


Now that you have decided to renovate your house, one of the major concerns that you must take care about is that the renovation should be done in an eco-friendly manner. Environment friendly methods are beneficial to you in the long run even though they may not look so suitable to you in the current scenario. In other instances, these eco-friendly methods can save you a lot of money which you can use in other things that require your attention. You may want to shift to a bigger house but your wallet does not allow it, so why not use the money more judiciously and pep up your house to make it look better!

We bring to you a few options which you can take up to make your home go green and save your pocket from burning!

Old Is Gold – You don’t always have to buy the newest of things to make your home look gorgeous. Instead of investing your money in buying the brand new, you can find options like reclaimed wood which are a cheaper way out and also an environmentally sound choice. Many home renovation projects have made it a point to use reclaimed wood due to its antique texture and earthy look. Not only this, you can use the same tip when it comes to choosing new decorative objects for your home! Head to an antique market and grab the most beautiful art piece you get!

Choose Energy Efficient Options – Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind while your house in under renovation is that you choose energy efficient options now that you have a chance to replace your old energy solutions. When you are looking around for new appliances in the market, find energy efficient products. Do your research well and then head out to the market to buy the right product. Not only this, if possible, install solar panels for saving electricity.

Deconstruction Instead Of Demolishing – Before you decide to tear down the walls of your home, you must give a thorough look around your house and see what all can be reused and does not need to be broken. This is a more eco-friendly way of beginning with the real renovation and reconstruction work and will also help you save a lot of money. Don’t just start breaking something because you are demolishing everything else. Maybe you can use your living room decor stuff in your kitchen’s beautification.

Also, when you are bringing down your home, make sure you have all the arrangements done so that the debris is not scattered around the house.

Use Low VOC Paint Materials – Yes, you may love the smell of new paint but that smell is highly harmful for your health as it comes from the hazardous chemicals used in the paint. Many household items like carpets, furniture paints, building materials contain harmful chemicals what we call volatile organic compounds (VOC). these can cause irritation in the eyes and of the respiratory tract and in the worst cases, can cause damage to your nervous system. When you are choosing these products, you must check if they are VOC free or not. Don’t forget to check that label on the tin boxes. They may cost you a bit more but are good for the future.

Strategic Makeovers – The right amount of sunlight, proper insulation and free flow of air are what should be kept in high priority while planning a home renovation. Sit with your designer and understand which places can be renovated strategically that may allow more sunlight and fresh air in the house. Also, you must invest in proper insulation so that the house remains warm and reduces your expenditure on thermostats and heating systems. Improve your windows, and roofing so that your purpose is fulfilled.

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