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A Few Useful Tips For Buying Solar Products


Solar technologies are very advanced in the last ten years, and many households are already installed solar heating systems in their house (recommended reading: Useful Tips For Those Who Want To Put Solar Heating). We’re also seeing increasing use of various products and devices that work with solar energy. If you want to buy solar panels (or buy solar products), this is a good article that will give you some useful tips. Don’t rush to purchase, read this text first!

Buy Solar Products

Before you buy solar products, check the prices in all companies available to you.

Purchase of solar panels

Before you buy solar panels, it is necessary to know how they need to be large. What surface of the solar panel is adequate for your house? The system size depends mostly on the surface of the roof that is not exposed to sunlight. The rule is as follows: for every 100 square meters of “optimal part” of the roof can be installed panel of 1,000 watts (1 kW). Here are three examples:

  1. A simple roof with two surfaces, which are facing east and west. Available roof surface for the installation of solar panels is 65 square meters on both sides. It corresponds to the total power of the solar panels of 0.7 kW.
  2. The roof is flat and quite spacious, but his one side is in the shade of the tree, and on the other side there is a chimney that prevents the installation of the panels. So, total available roof surface for the installation is about 74 square meters, which corresponds to the power of the solar panels of 0.8 kW.
  3. The roof is very large, but the attic windows divide him into small areas of irregular shape. The available roof surface is about 80 square meters (power of panels is about 0.85 KW).

The next important thing when you decide to buy solar panels is their price. The price depends on many factors: the size of the panels, their type and quality, the state of your life, and the like. These are some of the current prices of solar collectors in different countries:

  • India (New Delhi): total watts 6,250 – cost per solar panel $ 195 – total cost $ 4,875
  • S.: Brand “Solar Fennel”-total watts 6,900 – cost per solar panel $ 228 – total cost $ 5,472
  • S.: Brand “Solar Fennel”-total watts 6,555 – cost per solar panel $ 240 – total cost $ 5,506
  • China: total watts 6,000 – cost per watt $ 83 – total cost $ 4,992
  • Germany: total watts 8,400 – cost per watt $ 15 – total cost $ 9,620

What buyers need to know about marketing tricks when they buy solar products?

Before buying you should pay attention to the various tricks that are used in marketing. Here are some more helpful tips:

  • Beware of sellers who talk fast – If the seller avoids some of your questions or his answers are not clear enough, perhaps it’s better to find another solar company.
  • High pressure tactics – Many companies use terms like “hurry before solar products run out”, and so on. Avoid any marketing pressures!
  • Ignore any simple solar efficiency solutions to reduce cost.
  • Don’t buy low quality solar components!
  • Before you buy solar products, check the prices in all companies available to you.

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Homepage » How to Green » A Few Useful Tips For Buying Solar Products