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Tips For Green Cleaning


Have you ever heard that you cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals and toxins that can hurt your body when they are being used in your home? If you have ever heard this, you heard correctly. Unfortunately, a lot of products out there do us a lot more harm than good. They may smell clean and fresh, but that smell is only there to cover up other smells that will prove not to be good for you. That is why our experts are here to share tips for green cleaning with you. At this time, we will explain how you can clean certain parts of your home and what you should be using so that you are using green and healthy cleaning products. Keep reading to learn more.

Green Spring Cleaning

It’s important to start with the basics, don’t get overwhelmed. Look up some ingredients or keep reading below so that you can start with the basics and get rid of some of the other unhealthy chemical cleaners you were using before.

Are you trying to get some of your wood surfaces clean? Great idea! They need cleaning too. There are a lot of different recipes out there, but here is our favorite. You are ¼ of a cup of vinegar as well as 1 gallon of hot water. This will help keep your wood protected while cleaning it and also leave it looking great.

The next item in your home that we want to talk about is your windows. They need cleaning, that’s a fact. It’s important to clean them in order for you to be able to see through them and so there are not finger prints and little spots on them which is bound to happen regularly. In order to clean them with green products you want to add ¼ of a cup of vinegar, 2 cups of water, and a couple drops of liquid detergent. There you want it! You can use a newspaper to clean it and wipe it down or an old cotton rag. Whatever your preference you will suddenly have beautiful and clean windows again.

The next area that you probably want to get clean is your bath mat. This may seem like something that doesn’t need to be cleaned a lot, but it really does. It is something that you and your family go on each day and utilize. It also gets very humid in your bathroom especially when the shower is on so it is important that it is cleaned throughout to ensure it stays clean. Make sure you use baking soda and vinegar in order to clean it. These ingredients will also work to clean your entire bathtub as well as the tile around your bathroom.

Our final cleaning tip is to ensure the air around you stay fresh. There is nothing worse than straying something that is doing the opposite of making your air fresh. Keep your home smelling great with ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. It’s also great to always have fresh air so make sure that you crack a window open regularly.

As you can see, it’s so important to use green products and there are easy and inexpensive ways to do so. Make sure you keep using these kinds of green cleaning ingredients.

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Homepage » How to Green » Tips For Green Cleaning