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Things Should Do To Prevent Global Warming


Global Warming has affected millions of daily life on earth. This article presents a number of ways you can take action to help prevent the Earth from warming more.

What happened as a result of the melting ice. It shows that our children can be affected the most from the effects of global warming. Hundreds of millions of people could face starvation, dehydration, severe weather conditions and lost large amounts of animal and plant species if we do not reduce the rate of global warming and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Global Warming

Drought/ Mangrove in parched land, Guyana. Image credit: WWF

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and the greenhouse effect caused not only make the space your personal life more sustainable, but it will also help you save money. Global warming is happening faster than originally expected by scientists. Although no consensus, but you will also benefit from reduced pollution, a healthy life and increase savings.

Educate and encourage others to practice energy conservation

You can convince people around change within everyday. You can demonstrate the benefits of these activities so that each can play an important role in helping to reduce global warming. Share information about recycling and energy conservation with your neighbors, friends and co-workers, and take opportunities to encourage public officials to establish programs and policies that are good for the environment.

Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

Please contribute reduce waste by choosing reusable products instead of using the product can not be recycled. Without a program or recycling activities at work, school, or in your community, feel free to start with yourself. You can talk to the head, friends and leaders that work that they will get benefits such as reputation, opportunities for advancement, are superior or more attention may be attracted the list of customers increase product sales …

To reduce waste you should choose reusable products instead of disposables, buy products with minimal packaging. Doing the recycle plastic, paper, newspaper, glass and aluminum cans whenever and whenever you can.

Use less air conditioning and heat

Adding insulation to your walls and attic and installing weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows can lower your heating costs more than 25 percent, by reducing the amount of energy you need to heat and cool your home.

Turn down the heat while you’re sleeping at night or away during the day, and keep temperatures moderate at all times. Setting your thermostat just 2 degrees lower in winter and higher in summer could save about 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.

Use Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs

Wherever practical, replace regular light bulbs with Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs (learn more about CFLs). Replacing just one 60-watt incandescent light bulb with a CFL will save you $30 over the bulb’s life. CFLs also last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs, use two-thirds less energy, and give off 70 percent less heat.

Green driving (drive less and drive smart)

If you drive less you will discharge fewer emissions. You should try to use walking and biking, that’s the great way to save energy and improve your health. Explore your community mass transit system, and check out options for carpooling to work or school.

When you do drive, make sure your car is running efficiently. You also can use green apps to compute your vehicle’s power and fuel usage characteristics and evaluates your driving to increase efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and cost, and lower your environmental impact.

Buy green products

If you would like to buy a new car, you should think about a car that offers good gas mileage or a electric car. Home appliances now come in a range of energy-efficient models, and compact florescent bulbs are designed to provide more natural-looking light while using far less energy than standard light bulbs.

Less using hot water

Set your water heater at 120 degrees to save energy, and wrap it in an insulating blanket if it is more than 5 years old. Buy low-flow showerheads to save hot water and about 350 pounds of carbon dioxide yearly. Wash your clothes in warm or cold water to reduce your use of hot water and the energy required to produce it. That change alone can save at least 500 pounds of carbon dioxide annually in most households. Use the energy-saving settings on your dishwasher and let the dishes air-dry.

Turn off when not using

Save electricity and reduce global warming by turning off your devices (television, video player, stereo, computer,…), just using only as much light as you need. Turn off the water when you’re not using it. 

Plant a tree

During the photosynthesis, trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Trees are an integral part of the natural atmospheric exchange cycle here on Earth, but there are too few of them to fully counter the increases in carbon dioxide caused by automobile traffic, manufacturing and other human activities.

Get a report card from your utility company

Many utility companies provide free home energy audits to help consumers identify areas in their homes that may not be energy efficient. In addition, many utility companies offer rebate programs to help pay for the cost of energy-efficient upgrades.

The steps above will take you a long way toward reducing your energy use and budget every month. Less energy use means less dependence on the fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases and contribute to global warming.

Source: about.com

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Homepage » How to Green » Things Should Do To Prevent Global Warming