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The Art and the Environment


In a scale of one to five, how aware are you of your environment? Have you asked yourself how can you help reduce your everyday carbon footprint? Or how can you spread environmental awareness?

If you are really concerned with our planet which is now covered by greenhouses gases created by non-eco-friendly human activities, this article suits you well. With the use of eco-art you can craft your concern to an advertisement that encourages environmental awareness.


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First, let’s take this simple and easy. Basically, eco-art refers to the incorporation of natural and recycled materials in your artworks. The over-all purpose is to improve one’s relationship with nature. Just imagine how many soft drinks one can consume in his lifetime. Then multiply the plastic bottles he disposes with the number of heads inhabiting this world – and surely you can make an island just out of it! And we haven’t included yet the cans and the other non-biodegradable junks. So with eco-art, the goal is to both reduce those and to encourage others to do the same, too!

One doesn’t have to be a legit artist to show his love of nature. You yourself can start in your family, encouraging them to give worth to their trashes like metals, papers, books, and many more and up- or recycle them into something that can be of use again. You can even decorate your garden with your own eco-arts! Then, with your family, you can inspire a change in your neighborhood, by, say, giving them recycled gifts. Nothing beats the act of returning the favor to nature, to our environment – and eco-art is one way!

At this point you may now be itching to ask “How to create eco-art?” Good question and the answer is very simple!

It’s better if you can think of an artwork that makes use of natural energy of water and wind to operate, but as a starter, you can begin with eco-arts that are for aesthetic purposes only. Segregate your junks to non-biodegradable and biodegradable, then the latter to glass bottles, plastic bottles, old magazines or newspapers, old CDs, metals like screw, and the likes. Let’s admit that not all of the materials you’ll be using are recycled like glue and wielding instruments but the good side is, you’ll help lessen those junks that soon will be thrown in the landfill.

 What to do then? Well, you can make a wall design for your garden or kitchen with painting the butts of your glass bottles and arrange them in a compress manner. The over-all arrangement is up to you of course. From plastic bottles, you know those 1.5 liter ones, cut them into two and hang them in your wall and tadaaa! – hanging pots! Old magazines and newspapers can be crafted into colorful eco-arts like bracelets, placemats, center table piece, or even vases. These are perfect for your home decors and giving them to your neighbors, friends, and relatives is a way to encourage them do their own eco-arts and to share your care for the environment as well.

Good thing that you’ve got yourself your own recycle bin, huh? But oops we’re not yet done! While browsing the web, I’ve seen lots of eco-art ideas that made use of old CDs and rusty screws into owls and farm animals that are very much perfect for a garden theme. You can do the same thing, too! There’s nothing wrong with getting some ideas in the web to start your eco-art with, as long as you don’t take all the credit for yourself. After you’re done with your own eco-art, take a picture of it, too, and post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and on your other comment-space website. Share your care for nature!

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