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Techniques and Tricks to Winterizing an RV


This is a green tip from Ecolivingexperts.com that I’d like to share with you, that helps you about techniques and tricks to Winterizing an RV – it is important if you want to keep everything in good working order. There are also a few things you can do to make sure that the process is as eco-friendly as possible. It all boils down to making sure that you use non-toxic chemicals and methods wherever possible.

What You Need in “Winterizing an RV”

Winterizing an RVWhen you get started with the RV winterization process, there is a short list of items you will need:

  1. Anti-freeze that’s listed as non-toxic
  2. A bypass kit for the water heater (sometimes this is already installed on the RV)
  3. A converter kit for the water pump
  4. Concrete blocks
  5. Basic hand tools

Winterizing the RVs Water System

The most important part of winterizing an RV is making sure that the water system is flushed out and prepared properly.

  • Start by draining the tank that holds your fresh water, and then drain the back holding tanks
  • Drain the water heater by pulling out the plug and opening the pressure valve
  • Open all the faucets, including the shower and toilet valve
  • Open the low point drain lines for both the hot and cold water
  • After everything has finished draining, remember to put the plugs back in and close up each faucet
  • Next you need to bypass the water heater so that when you put the anti-freeze in, it won’t fill up with it
  • Use the water pump converter or just a basic tube placed in a bucket of anti-freeze
  • Pressurize the water system and turn the water pump on. Turn the hot and cold faucets on until you see anti-freeze coming out of them
  • Flush the toilet until you see anti-freeze
  • At the water inlet, use a screwdriver to press on the valve until anti-freeze comes out
  • Turn off all the faucets and dump a cup of anti-freeze down all the drains and the toilet

Read more: http://www.ecolivingexperts.com/winterizing-rv/

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Homepage » How to Green » Techniques and Tricks to Winterizing an RV