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Most Popular Green Home Products And Their Features


In your eco-mission to go green in your own home, you do not have to go it alone! Fortunately, there are tons of great environmental home products that can make your house a greener and healthier place to live. Here, find out about most popular green home products which will certainly contribute your mission to make your home more efficient and eco-friendly. Recommended reading: What Are The Main Benefits Of Solar Products?

Spot infrared Thermometer

If you are looking to uncover all insulation-poor spots in the home, which leak heat in the cold winter months, this smart infrared thermometer will help you with it. This relatively inexpensive and handy green home product will find all cold patches on walls and ceilings that require some kind of thermal insulation. You no longer need to call a professional for energy audit on your house!

Led light bulb

LED Bulbs - green home products

Led light bulbs are great green home products that save money and protect our environment.

LED light bulbs can significantly help you to save money and energy in your house. Moreover, these bulbs typically last about 20 years. According to some studies in America, if every American household replaced just one light bulb with an LED light bulb it will save enough energy to light over 3,000,000 homes for a year, and prevent greenhouse harmful gases equivalent to the emissions of 800,000 cars. Therefore, led light bulbs are great green home products that save money and protect our environment. Read more: Have You Know About LED Bulbs?

Green products for bedroom

We spend about one-third of our day sleeping in the bedroom, and therefore this room should be a comfortable, free of irritants or toxins and health. In one word, it should be “green”. So, choose only the organic and natural products (of cotton, wool, etc.) for your bedroom and feel safe while you sleep.

Today, there are many manufacturers who offer these green home products on the market and shops, so you can find different types of eco-friendly alternatives for your bedroom. Choose non-toxic comforters, sheets, mattresses, pillows, blankets and bedroom furniture. Every member of the family deserves to have non-toxic, green bedroom environment!

Recycled insulation materials

Your house can maintain temperature with less energy when it is properly insulated. There are many insulation materials available to carry out this job, but we strongly recommend staying away from toxic fiberglass materials. Choose any kind of recycled insulation instead of hazardous insulation materials.

One of these eco-friendly insulation materials is Ultratouch recycled denim, which is made of recycled blue jeans! In addition to this green home product, blow-in recycled cellulose insulation of paper is a great formaldehyde-free and fire-resistant option for your green home, as well.

Eco Care Iron

Here’s another great green home product for all housewives. Eco Care Irons (Phillips company products) have an innovative feature to remove creases thoroughly and to get 100% steam power. Also, it eliminates wasted steam, has 40% more energy efficient and saves energy automatically. This home product is made of about 30% recycled plastics.

Kitchen green products

Keeping a green and healthy kitchen is vital for you and your family members. Many traditional kitchens contain unsafe chemicals and they are not sustainable for the environment. When you are looking for green home products for your kitchen, you need to look for such items that can help you to provide healthy meals for your family. The most popular green kitchen products are: non-plastic food storage dishes, organic cleaners (made of natural materials), bamboo spoons, forks or bowls, preserve recycled plastic bowls and cellulose cleaning cloths. Read more: 6 Ways To Green Your Kitchen.

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