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Install A Solar Water Heater In Your Home And Save Your Money


Solar water heater is an integral part of every solar home system. It is necessary to have a good idea how to install a water heater and connect it with the pipes from the attic. The solar boiler is designed so that the water is heated in two ways. When outside is too cloudy, we can connect it to electricity. Such backup heating systems are necessary in almost all, even in the sunniest and warmest areas (Recommended reading: Useful Tips For Those Who Want To Put Solar Heating).

Solar water heater

Solar water heater is an integral part of every solar home system.

A necessary tool for the installation of solar boiler:

  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Some measuring tool
  • Pipe cutter
  • Wire wool
  • Rasp for metal
  • Solder paste
  • Pewter
  • Gas soldering iron

The Solar Water Heater installation process

The installation of solar water heaters in the solar home system is a complex job and requires a lot of experience.

  • First, we need to attach the solar boiler to the wall (or wherever we want to place it).
  • Connect it to the water mains using hemp and solder paste, because of strong ties. Also, connect it to the electric heating (electrical cables in the wall).
  • Then, measure the pipes required for entrance/exit of water in the boiler, taking into account all the necessary valves and fittings, as well as the future location for the pump and expansion vessel.

Install a thermometer/ barometer, pumps and expansion vessel

After installing a solar boiler and heat exchanger, move on to installing other necessary parts of the solar home system.

  1. Thermometer and barometer – With the help of the thermometer we can see the temperature in collector system. Barometer shows the pressure in the solar system. For installation of a thermometer or barometer used steel fitting.
  2. Pump – The pump allows fluid (antifreeze or some other) to circulate in any conditions. Fluid flow is controlled by a manually operated switch attached to the wall. The pumps are usually heavy, so we need to attach them to the wall with strong and long screws.
  3. Expansion vessel – Serves as a great safety valve for the solar home system. Expansion vessel is connected to the pipe using an ordinary T-fitting.

In all three cases, we need to pay attention to the dimensions of these parts (pump and expansion vessel needs more space). It is not so important where we install these elements in the solar home, but for ease of use they are placed close together and close to the solar boiler.

The solar system and solar boiler can save you money

Unlike the classic water heater, which consumes too much electrical energy, solar boiler provides huge savings for a household.

The electricity that we consume is more expensive. The solar energy that we have in abundance can significantly reduce electricity bills. Therefore, we need to utilize this free gift of nature, and provide low-cost hot water in our house for our family.

Solar water heater, as well as the entire solar home system, is a very modern and economical way of water heating. He also brings energy savings due to the possibility of heating water only in one place. Solar systems save up to 60% of the energy needed to heat water and 30% of the energy for home heating. In the summer period when it’s sunny, it will provide 100% of our need for hot water demand.

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Homepage » How to Green » Install A Solar Water Heater In Your Home And Save Your Money