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How to Remain Eco-Friendly During the Pandemic


With all of the disruptions that COVID-19 has caused during 2020, many of our daily routines have been completely upended. From needing to work from home to adapting to different business hours, day-to-day itineraries have been transformed in such a way that is causing major impacts in every facet of life.

Eco-Friendly Pandemic

In particular, such challenges pose a variety of problems – and opportunities – for those seeking to be eco-friendly. Given COVID’s inherent disruptive nature, finding ways to maximize your ecologically-beneficial footprint during this time is more necessary than ever.

As such, let’s look at what you can do to remain eco-friendly during this pandemic.

At Home

There are a number of actions to be taken that can reduce waste and energy consumption during the pandemic.

First, consider your shopping habits. Most people are seeking to make less frequent trips to the grocery store. Consider reducing the number of highly-perishable food items you’re purchasing so that you are not wasting food in between less frequent trips.

Next, think about energy use. While many forms of energy consumption are down post-COVID, one area where they have spiked is in home energy use. UNICEF recommends such actions as air-drying your clothes outside, switching off power strips when appliances are not in use, and replacing any aging appliances when more energy-efficient alternatives if they are ready to be replaced.

You can find more recommendations from UNICEF by clicking here.

For Businesses

Businesses are facing just as many challenges in navigating a post-COVID world. From balancing budgets to planning new phases of reopening efforts, it can be hard to consider how best to approach eco-friendly concerns on top of everything else. However, here are a few recommendations.

Arguably the easiest method is to assess your current level of activity and sales. Rather than laying individuals off, consider reducing your hours of operation. Many businesses have already done so, and this has the added benefits of both ensuring you don’t lose valuable talent and reducing your energy consumption.

Avoid using personal protective equipment, sanitizing wipes and other critical components that aren’t biodegradable or made from recycled materials. There are options available for these needs. Additionally, consider disposing of these items in an eco-friendly way, through PPE zero waste boxes.

During Travel

Given the restrictive nature of socialization and work for most of the past year, traveling has naturally been curtailed. However, you can find other ways to minimize your ecological footprint when leaving the home.

When shopping, be sure to stock up on a greater number of products than you might otherwise: this will reduce the frequency at which you need to run errands or go to the store.

If you live with others, then consider carpooling whenever possible: this can further minimize carbon emissions and pollution.

Likewise, utilize public transportation in a safe and responsible manner if it is available to you. Generally, public transportation alternatives offer better efficiency than standard passenger vehicles.

This pandemic is hard for everybody, but making decisions to minimize your eco footprint is still your responsibility. Combine these tips into your existing regimen and you’ll be able to take care of both your health and the planet’s health simultaneously!

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Homepage » How to Green » How to Remain Eco-Friendly During the Pandemic