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How Stores Can Adopt Greener Practices and Eco-friendly Solutions


Adopting green practices in retail stores isn’t as easy or as simple as it looks. It often requires a dedication to the cause to deliberately seek out and implement environmentally friendly solutions over more accessible ones that are sometimes more readily available.

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Nonetheless, retail chains should pay more attention to this area. Not only because it’s good for the planet but because consumers are becoming more passionate about businesses they patronize being good stewards. People don’t happily tolerate less eco-friendly brands like they used to, plus stores win Brownie points when it’s clear they’ve put the extra effort in.

Here are some suggestions for how stores can adopt greener practices and switch to solutions that are better for the planet.

Low Energy, LED Lighting

For older retail stores that haven’t seen a new fit-out in a good while and when it happened it was just for the decorative side, their lighting systems are probably quite old. Not only will the wiring be questionable, but they aren’t taking advantage of better solutions available now.

Overhead Lighting

Using a company like lightingmaintenance.com, it’s possible to get a new advanced LED lighting system for overhead illumination. This will transform the look of the interior and make the store look more inviting from the outside to window shoppers too.

The energy bill will be reduced with the LED lighting systems, delivering a good ROI for being greener too.

Service Areas and Wall Illumination

Also, don’t forget about upgrading any desk lamps or lighting arrangements on the side walls. Some of these may have been added because the store was previously too dark. But the ones that you’ll keep can use eco-friendly bulbs as well.

Also, with a brighter interior, customers can spot the merchandise they’re after much quicker leading to higher satisfaction levels too.

Attend to the Heating and Cooling Systems

Some stores have older heating systems and inadequate cooling that leaves employees complaining for different reasons through all four seasons.

A store may benefit from the installation of a discrete HVAC system that will provide better heating and cooling at a lower operating cost. Just as long as it isn’t visually distracting on the retail floor.

Set the new system to heat or cool the areas that are extensively used but to pay less attention to the areas of the building that see far less foot traffic. This avoids wasting energy in spaces that are infrequently used.

Sell Canvas Bags Instead of Giving Away Plastic Ones

Many stores have already moved away from plastic to save the oceans from getting destroyed. However, if your store hasn’t already done so, then switching this year is simple to implement.

We’d suggest selling a stylish canvas bag with the store’s logo adorned on the front and back of it. It’s a good form of free advertising. Stop giving out plastic bags – if you have to, offer recyclable paper ones instead for customers who don’t have a tote bag of their own already.

Add a sign on the door and near the service area advising of the change in policy.

It may seem like going green in the store is difficult to do. However, it’s usually not costly and many solutions pay for themselves in the cost savings too.

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Homepage » How to Green » How Stores Can Adopt Greener Practices and Eco-friendly Solutions