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Green Kitchen – Favorite Part Of Your House


Many activities are taking place in the kitchen. This is the place where we chat with friends while drinking espresso or prepare meals with our children. Earlier, the kitchen is treated only as a space for preparing meals, but today it has become the heart of the house. It should be the cleanest part of the house and a favorite room of each family. Every house should have a green kitchen. It is a place where all of us begin the day. In the green kitchen we meet, plan, work and relax.

For many people, the only important thing is the layout and design of the kitchen. Others, pay much attention to cleanliness. If you are one of those who use preservatives, additives and other chemicals to remove grease from your kitchen, then you need to know that your kitchen is not completely clean or green. Maybe you do not believe, but it is possible. The only clean and healthy kitchen is a green kitchen. You also can read more 6 Ways To Green Your Kitchen.

Green Kitchen

The only clean and healthy kitchen is a green kitchen

All of you who do not know what it is green kitchen or want to know something more about it, here are some tips in the following text.

What you need to know about your kitchen cleaners

Every housewife wants her kitchen shine and to be impeccable. However, chemical agents often cause allergies in the family, so it is better to replace them with natural resources whenever it is possible.

We present you the little tricks to clean your green kitchen in a natural and ecological way.

  • Lemon – Squeeze some lemon juice on a piece of cotton wool and leave in the fridge for a while, and it will completely neutralize all odors
  • Vinegar – It’s great cleanser and much milder than many chemicals. Mix a cup of vinegar with half a cup of baking soda and pour into a clogged drain. Leave it to act for a while and pour with hot water. The surfaces of the stainless steel brush with vinegar to let them shine.
  • Orange peels clean limescale – The next time you eat an orange do not throw the peel into the trash. It is a great thing for cleaning limescale from a faucet and sink.
  • Salt – You can put salt on a sponge and clean cups, pots of coffee and glassware which will restore the shine and remove water stains.

Eco-friendly kitchen utensils for green kitchen

Have you ever noticed that the dried fruit, which remained long in plastic packaging, has acquired the taste of plastic? This is because food and plastics begin to interact.

Avoid adding toxins in your food. Especially avoid dishes made of these materials: aluminum, copper, plastic and steel. If you want a healthy and green kitchen, then you should use kitchen utensils of: bamboo, eco-plastic or bamboo chopping board, eco-friendly lunchbox and placemats made of recycled fabric.

Use only natural ingredients to make food

Forget the preservatives, additives and other carcinogenic supplements for food. Use only natural foods such as fresh fruits (expressly apples and citrus fruits) and vegetables (carrots, broccoli, kale, celery).

Your body requires vitamins and minerals every day. Throw out the toxins from your food because the health of your family the most important thing in the world. Keep a healthy and green kitchen in your home.

Grey water

Don’t throw the water you used for dishwashing and laundry, it can be useful for plants in your garden. Grey water contains various chemicals used for plant growth and development.

Wash the dishes over some larger bowl to keep the water. If you want a green kitchen use this little trick. Your houseplant will be very grateful!

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