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Green Holidays


No matter what the occasion is we always find ourselves more like busy bees to prepare for holidays. Of course! That’s the time of the year when we can get in touch again with our family, relatives, and friends – who wouldn’t even join the buzz and sit all day like a potato couch?

This year, start to make a difference – start to green your holiday season! Wondering how? I listed here our common holiday activities. Written with them are what you can do to have a green holiday.

Green Holidays

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Green Drive

Start your green holiday travel with knowing the Dos and Don’ts of driving green – and it’s all up the stirring wheel. Mind the signal lights well to avoid sudden starts and stops that add up to the carbon emission of your vehicle. Pack light. Find routes that are less congested. A better counter for this is to plan an early trip. And when you get to your destination, have public transit, biking, and walking be among your options when going around the area.

Green Fillings

Eating could be the best part of holidays for most people. When celebrating green holidays, it is wise to keep in mind that eating green is the best both for you and your environment’s health. Aside from the content and nutrient label, green holidays involve responsible eating that lead to less or no food waste. The more the food we waste, the more threats we pose to our natural resources. Food recycling after a holiday celebration is the best to do. I mean, there are always food that can be stored in your fridge for tomorrow’s meal so why throw everything in the trash bin?

Green Gifts

Green holidays encourage recycled materials – from house decorations to gifts. You only have to be creative to make use of junks and bring them back to life again! Dedicating your time to make a green gift for your family and friends is the same thing with telling them how much they mean to you. With these, you may also encourage them to do their own green gifts. Packaging is also important. You can make use of old magazines instead of buying commercial ones.

Green Groove

Throwing a green holiday party can, first, be successful with you spending less; and second, can inspire your guests to conduct their own party that is themed green! Decorate your green holiday party with your last year’s decors – your guests aren’t crashing in your party to see your decorations so better not be pre-occupied too long with what to decorate. Proper waste segregation and use of biodegradable materials for a green holiday festivity should always be kept in mind. If your party requires a costume – well, better create your own. Recycle old cardboards into masks! After party, encourage your kids to help with the clean-up.

Lastly, Always be reminded that to have a green holiday, you are not required to spend more – practicality completes the theme of a green holiday celebration as you share your care for the environment – for nature.

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