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Go Green on Halloween


Who said you can’t go green in welcoming those trick-or-treat greetings? Add twists and consider a green Halloween! Here are new ideas you can use (or even modify) to prepare for a green spooky Halloween.

#1 Slash out the candies

What expressions do you think your children will make when you give them new treats aside from clichéd candies? This year, try giving ‘em little trinkets like polished rocks or seashells, glass accessories, small wooden toys – you know, those that may last and most importantly, organic and recyclable. One of the perks of having a green Halloween is allowing you to detach from the norms of this holiday. But if you really want to give them something to stuff their cheeks, then why not go for cookies, sliced fruits, honey sticks, or raisins!

green Halloween

#2 Dress yourself green

When looking for a Halloween costume, choose those that are made of 100% cotton for this material is also a hundred percent biodegradable. You can even recycle them into rags when they wear out.

But surely your children would want to have different costumes every year. And you can make one! Yes. Recycle and come up with your green Halloween costume design from old clothing and biodegradable materials like cardboards and colored papers. You can even enjoy these times with your children and bond with them as you go unique for a green Halloween.

Handmade items make anything unique. Be the fairy godmother for your children with some crafty skills of your hand!

#3 Celebrate with nature

Here’s a trick: Use indigenous materials. Be resourceful to celebrate a green Halloween! Try using straws, dried or fresh leaves (dried leaves provide an old school accent which makes it unique), and carved pumpkins when creating decors for your house. You even get extra pumpkin seeds you and your children can enjoy churning. Also start collecting your newspapers you read every morning – you can use that for a green Halloween. Renew, reuse, recycle!

#4 Connect with friends

As they say, the many the merrier. Having connected with your friends or with your neighbors can offer a lot of advantages aside from having a merrier celebration. You can get to swap your costumes with them and have someone to help you during cleanup. Also hand them eating utensils that are environment friendly such as paper cups. Surely, you wouldn’t want to increase this paper waste so, when inviting them to your house, send electronic mails instead of printed ones.

#5 Have fun!

Lastly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy a green Halloween in 3…2…1…Eek!

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Homepage » How to Green » Go Green on Halloween