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Go Green Even in a Party


Hosting a party? Consider these tips for a green party and celebrate with nature!

No need to buy new decorations

What you had last year, put them on in just another arrangement to make a difference. You can also add some to them but it is never wise to replace every single décor you have with new ones. Celebrating your holiday gathering with a green party requires you to be practical in almost all ways.

Green party

Design your own gourds

Gourds are really cool to use as a green party decoration. You can carve and shape them the way you want giving you freedom to produce your own design! Plus you don’t need too much time to acquire them – even the farmer’s market nearest you surely has these.

Make use of green ventilation

Ever heard of indoor air pollution? This would be the very reason why you would want to maintain proper ventilation during the party. So fix some fans and open your windows to invite more air to keep your green party cool.

Clearly labeled trash bins

Mark your trash bins with clear labels for different types of party wastes – paper, bottles, aluminum, and the likes. This is to minimize your time and energy needed to segregate those junks after the party.

Make do with your regular dishes

Green party does not demand new utensils. But if you are planning to throw a large green party, you can buy some paper plates for addition and compost them in your backyard afterwards.

Hollow out those gourds

Also, those gourds I’ve mentioned earlier for decorations, can be hollowed out and use them as bowls for, say, desserts and have the small ones serve as cups for your smoothies. A party can never be greener without this!           

Use LED lights

Let me introduce this environment-friendly lighting that makes use of 80% less energy than your regular lights and last 10 times longer – LED or Light Emitting Diodes. These are available in steady and flickering ones, and indoor and outdoor lightings. So going for LED lights are way more practical to hold a green party with a wide range of options of its style. Add to this that LED lights don’t emit so much heat, thus, cooler to touch.

Sort out food remains

Separate those that can no longer be eaten from those that can be recycled. With recycled food, I mean, for sure, there are some food left untouched that can still be reheated for tomorrow’s breakfast while meat and bones can be used to season your soups and stews. Just fridge them and believe me, they’re still okay to eat. Veggie scraps and other produce peels can be composted in your background along with the gourds you used as decorations and bowls.

Sit back and make the dishwasher play its part

This is where a dishwasher will greatly help! Did you know that using this is more eco-friendly than handwashing your dishes? Dishwasher makes use of 80% less water and less soap. Good thing to relax and to end a green party!

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Homepage » How to Green » Go Green Even in a Party