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Everything You Need To Know About Eco-friendly Clothing


Are you updated with the latest fashion trends? And dress according to what is in and out of season? Whatever your answer is, have you ever considered sustainable fashion or organic, that is, eco-friendly clothing?

Let me begin with discussing what eco-friendly clothing means. This type of clothing makes use of materials that are non-toxic and less polluting in their production, use, and even in their disposal. Now, the next question that comes to mind is “Why use eco-clothing?” Let’s get straight the point to answer that: It’s not only helping the environment but eco-friendly clothing is also good to your health! This clothing type does not include synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and chemical dyes that are found to be carcinogenic. In other words, eco-friendly clothing being free from these harmful garment finishes and the likes will not most likely cause skin irritations and allergies; thus, more comfortable and safer to wear.

Eco-friendly Baby Clothes

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The benefits of eco-friendly clothing don’t end there. It’s also affordable! So you can grab not just one to complete your wardrobe. But don’t get me wrong. Let me be clear that the quality of the design and style of eco-clothes are not compromised. Rest assured – they’re not only limited to plains and shirts. But of course, the tag price, as always, is also dictated by the brand.

Okay now that you have a background of eco-clothing, you can now start with these simple tips to reduce the environmental impacts of apparel industry!

Read between the tags

If you’ve already decided to devote yourself with eco-friendly clothe, it is just right to check first for the label. Look for clue words and phrases that suggest that it’s organic. However some claims a hundred percent organic fabric but makes use of polyester threads. Leave that piece and look for those that make use cotton, linen, and hand-dyed materials. Those that promote recycled materials are good, too!

No to leather and fur

Let me put it short: They’ve just skinned an animal to walk those on a runway.

Look for clothes that don’t require dry cleaning

Perchlorethylene is the chemical that is used in dry cleaning. The only thing you need to know about this compound is the harm it imposes to our health since it’s carcinogenic and evaporates as it goes with the air we breathe. The next time you go around the mall, look for clothes that don’t says “Dry clean only.”

Go for timeless not timeliness

When having eco-friendly clothing, consider those that are wearable and never goes out of season – those that will last longer than one-time use. Classic or conventional colors can be flaunted without you getting daunted if it’s still in. Plains, deep colors, and chic silhouettes are few examples that are timeless when it comes to fashion.

Buy less

The true purpose of buying timeless clothes is not to make sure that you have something to wear that never fades away with ever-changing fashion trends but to keep you still and away from turning to a shopaholic. Now you have something to put on until they spoil. Reducing your clothe consumption through buying less is part of the integrity of eco-friendly clothing which focuses to minimizing clothing wastes.

The next time you buy for a top and pants, dress or boots, get back to these tips for a more eco-friendly clothing!

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Homepage » How to Green » Everything You Need To Know About Eco-friendly Clothing