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Ecopreneurship: The Environmentalist’s Path to Owning a Business


When considering the ways to help the environment, starting a business isn’t usually the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. However, business owners have a lot of power, and the choices they make can help guide us all toward a greener, healthier world.


Indeed, building a business that has environmentally-friendly practices built into the very foundation has a name: Ecopreneurship. Green Tech Box presents the following look at how this form of business ownership can help you pave your path in life while working toward a better planet:

Starting Strong

For any business to make a difference, it has to be successful. Here’s how to give your business the best start:

  • Nurture your business idea long enough to make sure it’s truly viable – impulsive starts rarely work out.
  • Compare the pros and cons of loans, grants, and investors as forms of initial funding.
  • Consider enrolling in online courses that can help you earn your MBA.

Evaluating Supply Chain

A critical look at your supply chain is a must for any eco-friendly business.

Environmentalism in the Workplace

Make sure employees and customers have access to environmentally-friendly choices while working with you:

  • Create clearly marked ways for people to compost and recycle in your business.
  • Fill your break room with reusable plates, cups, bowls and utensils, and install an office dishwasher to help people avoid disposable dishes.
  • If you sell food or drinks, offer compostable cups, straws, and take-out containers to reduce environmental impact.

Creating a business gives you the ability to set an example, spread environmental awareness, and make an impact. We hope this article inspires you to find your own eco-friendly path forward into the business world!

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Homepage » How to Green » Ecopreneurship: The Environmentalist’s Path to Owning a Business