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Eat Green for a Thrifty Healthy Living


To eat green is not only a question of your appreciation of leafy veggies but is also a question of how much or how less food you waste. And if you’re thinking that it’s alright to waste food since they are organic, meaning, they’ll soon to be decomposed naturally, then, you’re lying to yourself!

First, wasting food is equivalent to wasting our natural resources – the producers of our food. Second, throwing a lot of them is the same with throwing another dollar to your trash bin. Third, food wastes emit a greenhouse gas that is more potent than carbon dioxide – methane.

Eat Green

So you better consider some ways to reduce the food you waste each day. Eat green to have a healthier lifestyle! Start to eat green with these healthy tips!

Know what to buy

If you are an impulse buyer, make sure that before leaving your house for a grocery you have a shopping list. Wants are different from needs. So instead of grabbing almost everything you see in the supermarket, stick to the list you brought to avoid filling in your cart with more food than you need. Another way to keep track with your shopping is to shop more often. Doing so, allows you to have fresher food items to eat green.

Mind the dates

To eat green does not start with counting the calories written in the food label but starts with looking for the manufactured and expiration dates. Consume those that have earlier use-by dates to avoid having a pile of food waste. Also, most food, like bread, can still be consumed safely even after their use-by date. This date only suggests for the food’s peak quality.

What about food that doesn’t have these dates? If you mean your overripe or spotted bananas and wilted veggie tops, well, you can still use them, unless they’ve turned moldy. Just cut out the parts you don’t like. You can even include them in your smoothies!

Recycle your food

Have you tried making your own recipe with anything that might go bad soon? If not or if you’re afraid of inventing your own, search the internet for creative recipes that encourage recycling of your leftovers. This way you can eat green while reducing your food waste!

When eating out…

Been a busy fella with no more time to spend in the kitchen? Hectic schedules usually eat up our time to cook our own food and have us instead to resort to restaurants and fast food chains. Come to think of it. How neat is your plate when you’re done eating? Naturally, most of us tend to leave so much food uneaten. So what to do to eat green? Ask for smaller portions. You can always have another helping. Before leaving, you can also request for a paper bag to pack up your extras. What’s the use of your fridge? Or if you don’t have the appetite to eat it anymore, you can feed it to your dog.

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Homepage » How to Green » Eat Green for a Thrifty Healthy Living