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7 Green Tips for reducing plastic from earth


Our Oceans are filled with all the day to day plastic wastes. As we know, rotation of earth creates gyres in Oceans. But how about a gyres filled with all that plastic waste. Yeah, enormous plastic filled gyres are found in all of our oceans. Some of the famous ones are The infamous North Pacific Gyre, also known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It it almost twice the size of Texas!!! To get rid of them we need to take some steps, it won’t be solved automatically.

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Lets see some tips to reducing the use of plastic materials:

1. Support laws on banning plastic

reducing plastic 2The laws made by countries and states are the most effective techniques against stopping the use of plastic. Just go and tell your local state or federal politicians that you want to help them in their efforts to reduce the use of plastic materials. If the politicians are not willing to help, then all the willing people around the city can unite together and spread the awareness against use of plastic and take initiatives. Many cities already have laws against plastic use.

2. Put the pressure on Manufacturers

All those chocolates, chips and biscuits are wrapped in plastic covers and bags. How about you find a nice alternative to plastic material for your favourite item and inform the manufacturer about this nice idea. Nowadays, every big company has Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Just go and express your idea in front of them.

3. Start volunteering for river cleanup

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In almost every city, there are waterways filled with garbage and pollution floating on the surface. Chances are there is a waterway or river nearby your house. Simply Sign up to participate in one of Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanups or Surfrider Foundation’s Cleanups. It feels good after doing a service to the mother nature, after all she takes care of us too. You’ll get to meet new people during cleanups.

4. Keep the plastic out of your kitchen

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Is your kitchen full of dishes, plates and utensils made of plastic. Then try to get rid of them and buy the same items manufactured from glass.   Also avoid heating plastic vessels, they can melt and stick to the surface and also the melting or burning will produce a good amount of smoke harmful to the environment. Still, if you don’t want to throw away that plastic than use it carefully, don’t burn it and clean it properly so it can last longer.

5. Buy everything that lasts longer

Most people have an habit of buying bags and cups that lasts only a couple of use and then throw it away. But they forget one important thing, It hurts our lovely environment. Try to buy utensils, mugs, bags and diapers, which are reusable and long lasting. Please try to change this single-use habit as it is not good for anyone, not even you. Start using long lasting products.

6. Ask for the alternatives

Whenever you are in a coffee shop, you’ll be offered coffee in a plastic cup. All you have to do is ask the barista for the coffee in a ceramic cup. Same type of situation arises when you are in a store, try to avoid excess packaging of your goods. If your good is packaged with two plastic bags then return one to the counter and that’s it.

7. Start sharing what you do in your friend circle

Human is a social creature. Try to make a diary and write down whatever you do everyday that makes the earth clean and green. Take selfies and pics of all the green tasks you do. Share them all in your social circle like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. This will motivate your friends to do the same. And also share the good feeling after doing a great service to the environment.

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Homepage » How to Green » 7 Green Tips for reducing plastic from earth