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6 Ways to Organise Your Garage Effectively

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What’s the messiest place in your house? It’s the garage, isn’t it? If you relate to this you are one of those people who has been living with a garage which serves more as a store room than your car park and wish to do something about it. Garage is a free space and can be used really efficiently and you can feel much more productive about it then. There are many smart ways you can make your clumsy garage into the most efficient space of your house. Here is how you can go ahead with the idea.


  • Ceiling Storage

This is possible when you are garage has a fairly high roof which usually is. The aim is to utilise every space present to its fullest. Ceiling storage might sound insane and feel like something once stored in there will get difficult to retrieve but that’s not the case. There are many ceiling storage cabinet types for your garage you can choose from and they are incredibly neat when it comes to organising your garage. Lightweight rolling cabinets are the best pick for ceiling storages.

  • Foldable Workbench

You are on a mission to clean up your garage and there should be no compromises in achieving it. You don’t often use the workbench due to heavy work schedule but they sure do come in very handy at times you when you decide to give your muscles some work. However, a regular user or not, a workbench occupies a lot of space when not in use. Hence, the best option is to get a foldable workbench which is very compact and kept out of sight when not in use occupying very little area. You can also opt for wall mounted foldable workbenches which are very convenient and can be just pulled out from the wall and folded back in.

  • Safe Parking with Bumpers

Garage spaces are usually compact and it might be very often you bang the door of your car to the side wall or the bonnet to the front rack. There is an economical solution to this which you can do yourself. All you need is a small tube or cushion bumpers of foam which you can drill on the walls at the right height. That should suffice to prevent any more damage to your car. There’s an even cheaper and easy to do alternative. Just hang a tennis ball from the ceiling and you’ll know when your bonnet hits it, you need to stop.

  • Vertical Storage

Make use of the vertical space as efficiently as you can. Fix cabinets and hangers on the wall to lace all your tools and equipment. Instead of just placing your garden tools and supplies in a corner, you can just drill in a few strong nails on the vertical wall and place them in the sleeping position. It will not only look neater but will be easily accessible as and when you need it. Most of this is DIY and you don’t need a professional for all this.

  • Organise and Label

An organised garage would mean that it looks neat and everything you need is within reach and you are not spending hours searching for it. All you would need to do is place everything within arm’s reach. This implies that nothing should be buried more than a couple layers deep and label all your cabinets. This will be helpful until you get used to the new organised design.

  • Bins and Cleanliness

Always keep your garage clean. It is a part of your house and deserves as much cleanliness as your living room. Use bins and make sure you segregate your garbage accordingly. This bit is for the environment. Also, have a donations bin wherein you can throw in all your tools you don’t use anymore to give away. It’s better than lying around and not being used.

Now, you can have an organised garage. This will help you in not only improving the aesthetics of the place but also to keep you happy. That’s right! A neat and clean environment keeps you smiling more often than you know.

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