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6 Ways to Go Green Without Spending A Fortune

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Earth day rolls around yet again and with it, a surge amongst the environmentally conscious. Yet, often, the collective enthusiasm dwindles to nothing within a short week, mostly because the projects one undertakes in the heat of the moment tend to be far too ambitious to be practical when combined with everyday life.

Go Green

That’s where we come in, with six easy steps to aid the Earth in its struggle to survive humanity without having to compromise your personal leisure

1) Try Paperless

Skip the monthly bank statements listing all your purchases; instead opt for electronic statements promptly delivered to your email account on a monthly basis. Not only will this save a ton of paper but you will have the ease of having all your statements in one place, safe and ready whenever needed.

Additionally, making the switch to credit cards for the majority of your transactions would ensure a decreased use of paper money, the plastic cards lasting nearly twenty times as long as regular ol’ paper money.

You could donate some of the money saved to one of the numerous green charities.

2) Switch Them Off

Probably the simplest measure you could implement to start saving energy this very minute, is to turn off those electric appliances which you aren’t currently using. Yup, as simple as that; switch off those lights, unplug that television set and give the air-conditioner a break. It can shave up to 10% off your electrical bill: keep in mind that chargers and other electronics siphon electricity as long as they’re plugged in, even if they aren’t in use.

3) Be Smarter at Laundry

Since we do it almost every day, it is only sensible to assume that it forms a notable chunk of our total energy expenditure. So, if we were to whittle down a little bit every day, it’d be splendid in the long run. Firstly, use cold water since hot water requires an obscene amount of energy spent heating the water. Skip the dry cycle and instead, dry your clothes the old-school way, spreading them out and everything. Finally, hand-wash what you can: it makes the delicate last longer.

4) Skip Commercial Cleaners

With a plethora of “green” chemical cleaning products available on the market, the consumer is really spoiled for choice. The question, however, is that if these cleaners are really as organic as they claim to be, then why purchase them at all? Why not, instead, whip up our own green cleaning products, especially since we already have most of the required ingredients right in our homes? It’s cheap and green, saving the earth and some of your own precious green.

5) Ditch Disposable

Sure, recycled products are well and good but fact of the matter is that they cost good money (often more than the un-recycled version of the same product) and will eventually end up in a landfill. Instead, let’s ditch the disposable altogether. Disposable bottles? Why not just opt for a sturdy bottle that can be reused repeatedly without contributing to the plastic waste crisis? Disposable razors? Money down the drain if you ask me.

6) The Farmer’s Market

It’s no secret that the organic options, while better for the planet and your body, cost more than regular groceries. But you gotta do what you gotta do to save the Earth, right? Wrong. Head down to your nearest farmer’s market for some locally-sourced fresh produce that’s organic yet costs less than supermarket “organic”. Plus since it’s all local, less fuel is consumed for it to reach the market. Less fuel burnt equals less pollution equals salvaging the Earth one step at a time.

These are perhaps some of the simplest steps you can integrate into your day to day routine. After all, what’s more everyday than laundry, cleaning, groceries and making purchases? You would be helping the planet simply by existing and it literally could not get any simpler. So, buckle up folks, it’s time to lend the Earth a helping hand.

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Homepage » How to Green » 6 Ways to Go Green Without Spending A Fortune

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