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6 Kitchen Cleaning Ideas to Follow

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Cleanliness is next to godliness, a saying that we have been learning since our childhood. With our busy schedule, it often gets tough to pay attention to each detail of cleanliness. One place that needs to be excessively clean in the house is the kitchen when compared to others since that’s where everything you are going to eat is present. There are a few simple ways to get your cleaning done and not tire yourself out by rubbing floors. Here are a few simple kitchen cleaning hacks that should help you maintain a healthier kitchen.

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Having all-natural ingredients in your pantry such as freshly harvested veggies and fruits is one of the best ways to keep a healthy and green kitchen as well as a well-nourished family, which is always the goal of every responsible parent.

  1. Use Lemon to Keep Flies Away

These methods are going to be simple and easy to implement. The power of lemon should not be underestimated and here is a simple trick suing it that should get those nasty flies away. Cut a lemon in half and place it in your microwave leaving its door open overnight. Run your microwave for a few minutes in the morning and let it cool. Take out the lemons and clean the floor of the microwave. Voila! You can now be carefree about the pesky insects.

  1. Cleaning the Blender

It can be a real disaster if you happen to leave your blender unwashed for a while after using it. The irremovable blades make it so difficult for the scrubber to reach and clean it properly. There’s a simple hack to it. After using it, you should immediately fill it up with some water and a drop of soap and blend it again. Simple isn’t it? So, no more worrying about dirty blenders.

  1. Remove Hard Deposits Using Vinegar

If you are find yourself under a lot of work pressure of cleaning the kitchen, you can just take up one process per day. This way in a week or so, you should have most of your kitchen shining bright. You might often find hard water deposits near taps and sinks which do not go away even after extensive cleaning with soap. The solution is to pour vinegar over the stains and wait for a little while until the calcium deposits get dissolved in it. You can then swipe it off and or wash it off. Using a sponge to wipe it clean is the best option.

  1. Cleaning Your Sink

Isn’t it the most difficult task to get your sink back to the sparkling white shade like new? Well, it isn’t if you do it the right way. All you need is some baking soda and lemon wedger. Sprinkle some baking soda in your sink and use the lemon wedger for scrubbing it away. It’s an efficient way of getting rid of those stains that might have been haunting you for a while now.

  1. Cleaning Cabinets

The kitchen modular sure looks elegant to whoever is visiting your kitchen but only you know the pain behind maintaining it. Cabinets usually are wooden or glass and there’s a trick to keep both the types clean. Use baking soda mixed with vegetable oil to clean the gunk off your cabinets. For glass cabinets, vinegar or just soap water should work perfectly fine.

  1. Keep the Air Clean

While you have everything clean and shining it is also important to keep the smell of your kitchen good. While exhausts and chimneys do a fine job of keeping the air clean and free of suspended oil particles, the smell still needs to be refreshing. This can be simply done by sprinkling some vinegar on your gas stove and in areas that you deem appropriate.

Now that you know these quick tips of cleaning your kitchen, you don’t have to anymore worry about it since your work has now been reduced to a lot lesser. Just following these quick hacks should be enough to not only just give a good look but also keep your kitchen healthy.

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