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5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your HVAC Last Longer


We all make a lot of investments in our household and we want them to give us good returns. Some of those investments are really high and need a bit of cosseting to take care of them. A fine example of such heavy expense is what we spend on our HVAC. With this amount on stake, we cannot let it function all on its own. A bit of care and maintenance would extend its life for years and also make its operation cheaper. So, let us see how these small tasks can help us in a big way:

  1. Change Your Air Filters Regularly

This is one most important and basic step that perhaps all of you are aware of. If not, then let me just acquaint you with this requisite. Air filters get clogged with debris, dust and what not while they are put to extensive use. This way they are not able to function properly and fans are made to run even harder.


While all of these issues can be easily kept at a bay by keeping a regular check of these air filters. Keeping a check would mean cleaning the filters if they are reusable or replacing them if they are not.

While in the months of extensive use like summer, you should clean your filter once every month and before you sign off for the season when winters can make sure you replace the filter.

  1. Regular Maintenance Inspection

Complicated electrical systems have a lot of things in operation and a minor breakdown in any of them can harm the entire system. So, it is better to avoid that by having regular inspections by a technician. This can help detect any upcoming issue by addressing to it timely.

Otherwise, you would have to spend a day without the AC and bear a major expense in repairing the same. So, regular inspection does not only rid you of troubles, but also help you save huge chunks of money.

  1. Self-Inspection

Well, it is not always important that only a technician can help you with these inspections. This is the time when you can step up and see if the apparent smoothness is all real or not. The tips are to check these:

  • Check all the wiring – If you see any sign of blackened or over heated wires, it would mean immediate attention is needed.
  • Check all the connections if they are tight and are working fine.
  • Check the panels, the condenser or any other component is it getting overheated.

Upgrade your old mechanical thermostat with the new programmable when, so that you do not leave the AC on while no one is at home. It will allow you to set it to on 30 minutes before you get home, but this at least would save your electricity bill like 2 times.

  1. Keep Everything Clean

At the start of every season, you need to get your HVAC cleaned; otherwise it will start up with previous year’s dust and debris and damage the functioning. By this I mean a thorough clean, which includes coil and compressors and everything. For this, you need the help of an expert. So, do not hesitate in spending a little, because later on it will get compensated fairly.

Cleaning it from inside does not alone can help and you need to keep you interiors also clean and tidy and if your AC is outside make sure the bushes around it are properly trimmed and if it is placed too low, keep your pet at a distance from it. The better and cleaner is the air flow, the smoother it will run.

  1. Give Your HVAC A Break

Your HVAC takes a lot of load and it needs certain breaks. So, make sure you keep turning it off at regular intervals and have other substitute open like drapes, open windows or fans to fight the heat. These much needed breaks will prevent the system from any major breakdown.

So these were some important things you need to remember to make your HVAC last longer and also to save a few bucks on the way. Tell us your thoughts below!

Author Bio:

Simon Hopes is a renowned author and social media enthusiast. Sometimes, your HVAC is working absolutely fine and you do not feel like calling a technician for no reason.

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Homepage » How to Green » 5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your HVAC Last Longer