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5 Great Waste Management Business Opportunities


Although we hate taking out the trash, we generate a lot of it every day, and not just when at home. When at work in an office, business, or factory, we generate more. Sometimes, it is the plastic cups we use to take our coffee, or used office supplies, such as waste paper. Other times it is the factory waste the factory we work in leaves behind. Regardless of how we generate waste, the responsibility of collecting and disposing of it must fall on someone’s shoulders. And, if you are in the waste management business, that someone is usually you. With that in mind, here are great waste management business opportunities for you to consider.

Waste Management

1) Residential Waste Collection

Someone has to collect that trash people generate when at home. That someone could be you. Residential waste collection is a profitable business that even you can start and with little capital. All you need is a waste disposal truck and an agreement with a waste collection center, and you are in business.

The next step is to price your services and to inform residents and businesses in your neighborhood of these services. If they find your price agreeable, you will be surprised at how many take you up on your offer.

2) Industrial and Factory Waste Collection

Collecting and disposing of waste from enterprises, such as offices, businesses, and factories is the next waste management business you should consider starting. Depending on the number of clients you have, this business is more lucrative than residential waste collection.

Remember, one factory, business premise, or office generates as much waste as a few private residences combined. So, even with a few commercial clients, your business can still be profitable.

3) Mobile Restrooms

Wanting to use a restroom when none is in sight is distressing. More distressing is when it is your child who wants to use a restroom. As all parents know, children want to go and want to go now, period. For the savvy entrepreneur, this natural human need presents a business opportunity namely: making, selling, or renting out mobile restrooms.

Mobile restrooms are to be found everywhere these days from parks, parties, and camping grounds to name a few. In this business, you are never short of clients.

4) Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum trucks and mobile restrooms go hand in hand. So, if you are thinking of going into the mobile restroom business, consider going into the vacuum truck business as well. But what are they and what are they for, you ask? We will get to that, but first things first.

Mobile restrooms have a limited waste storage capacity, and at some point, the waste they contain must be removed and disposed of elsewhere. Well, that is what satellite vacuum trucks are for. Equipped with a container and an electric vacuum pump, vacuum trucks suck the waste out of mobile restrooms and take it to a waste collection center.

5) Waste Collection Center or Recycling Plant

When people in the waste management industry collect waste, they must take it somewhere. That somewhere is either a waste collection center or, depending on the type of waste, a recycling plant. So, instead of collecting the garbage, why not let it come to you – at a fee, of course. Simply build a collection center or recycling plant. Even better, if you operate a recycling plant, you get to sell any waste you recycle to factories that need it.


The waste management industry has many business opportunities for the taking. One is residential waste collection where you collect garbage from private residences. The other is industrial and factory waste collection. Also lucrative is the making, selling, and renting of mobile restrooms.

And, since the restroom business creates a need for satellite vacuum trucks, you can operate the trucks as a separate business or combine them with the restroom one. Finally, you can build a waste collection or recycling center.

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Homepage » How to Green » 5 Great Waste Management Business Opportunities