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4 Points to a Greener Commute – Reduce carbon footprint as you stay practical and fit


Did you know that the combustion of a gallon of gasoline produces an average of 20-22 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2)? Then if you go for a daily travel using your own car reaching thousands of miles per year, you are driving the largest contributor to carbon footprint emission.

To have a greener commute basically means taking out yourself from your personal vehicle and considering other options to travel from one place to another, say, from your home to your workplace. Here are some effective pointers to help reduce carbon footprint emission that anyone can do – even you.

Greener Commute

  • Ride public transportation – In a year, this does not only save the Earth at least 4800 pounds of CO2 but also saves your household an approximate average of $6 000 switching from fuel expenses to public transit fares. You can also notice that communities packed with dense commercial and residential buildings have designed transit-oriented systems that include train stations and tram stops. Since these take shorter routes compared with the roads meant for other vehicles, then it is wise not to bring your own car to skip traffic jam problems.
  • Grab a rider – If you cannot appreciate public transits, talk with your friend, co-worker, or neighbor and share a ride with those who go to the same location with you or at least near your travel destination. This concept is known as carpooling.

There are also designated areas where you could be picked up by some people who are willing to give you a free ride. This idea of a greener commute that does not start with carpooling arrangement beforehand is referred to as “slugging.”

  • Meet the city with your feet – Nowadays, smart growth development is encouraged. Commercial buildings and recreation areas such as parks are constructed near each other and are sometimes associated with residential units. This design is actually to support a greener commute where people can ride their bikes or walk from one destination to another.

Another perk of this option for a greener commute is the opportunity this gives you to sweat out your flabs. This way, you’re burning your carbs to reduce carbon footprint emissions.

Bonus tip: Anticipate and be prepared for sudden change in weather.

  • Mind your wheels – Less gas is actually consumed when you drive responsibly conforming to traffic or driving rules. Driving with appropriate speed limits maintains smooth starts and stops. You should also do car maintenance. As simple as it is, but ensuring your tires are properly inflated correlates with lesser fuel consumption, thus, lesser gas combustion.

The first three bullets also lead to alleviation of congestion brought by traffic jams as you save money from fuel expenses and maintenance whereas the fourth ensures you your safety while driving.

Think about what you can do for the environment, for the Earth you are living in – start thinking green!

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Homepage » How to Green » 4 Points to a Greener Commute – Reduce carbon footprint as you stay practical and fit