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What are the best uses of coir erosion control products?


One of the most effective natural products for preventing erosion is to use coir erosion control products, as they are well-priced, durable and easy to use. They are also very environmentally friendly, because coir fibres (coconut fibres), are 100% renewable and biodegradable. No harsh chemicals are used to make coir erosion products, they are simply shaped and held together by natural fibre netting or twine, and they decompose back into the ground after three to five years.

What are the best uses of coir erosion control products?

Coir products are often the go-to product for many landscapers, helping them to prevent run-off and erosion across a variety of different situations. So what types of projects would benefit from using coir erosion control products?

Preventing construction site run-off entering drains

The run-off from construction sites, particularly during heavy rain events can be massive, powering into local drains and contaminating the stormwater. All of this runoff can cause significant damage to sensitive ecosystems, just from the amount of sediment, if nothing else. Coir logs are often used to surround the drains, diverting most of the water, but also filtering the water to reduce the sediment load that does enter the stormwater drains.

Reducing the velocity of run-off on slopes

Whether this is a slope on a farm, along a motorway or a shoreline, the velocity of run-off can erode the slope, prevent seeds from taking root, and push sediment into the stormwater or inland waterways. This can be a big problem if you have paid for hydroseeding, only to watch all that seed being washed away in the rain! Coir Mesh, can be positioned across these slopes to prevent erosion and reduce the velocity of the run-off, maintaining the slope and even contributing to the health of the ecosystem as they biodegrade over time.

Restoring sensitive ecosystems

Replanting, soil amendment and preventing excessive run-off are key elements in the restoration of sensitive ecosystems that are under threat. Coir products provide a number of essential functions for this type of restoration and one of the best products are coir blankets that can cover large areas, allowing plants to become rooted and proliferate, whilst preventing erosion until the plantings are large enough to take over this role.

Stabilising banks along shorelines

Exposure to strong winds and currents can quickly erode banks along waterways, whether these are freshwater or salt. Densely packed coir erosion control products are ideal for these situations where you want to add stability to a site and encourage the growth of vegetation. With a lifespan of three years, coir products allow plants to become deeply embedded in the soil, preventing further erosion from strong currents and wind, and adding to the health of the ecosystem as they biodegrade.

Suppressing weed growth in large landscaping projects

When areas are being newly planted, the growth of weeds can overtake these new plants and ruin a well-laid and very expensive landscaping project. Coir erosion control products are a very affordable option that prevents the growth of weeds, helps to retain moisture in the ground and promote good aeration of the soil. These products can be in the form of large coir mats that can be cut to size and positioned around plants and trees. 

If you want to prevent erosion, encourage the growth of vegetation, and protect the environment, coir products are a very good option. https://aussieenvironmental.com.au/services/environmental-erosion-consulting-consultant/

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Homepage » Green Products » What are the best uses of coir erosion control products?