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Do you know what is Tesla Model S?


If you didn’t know, the Tesla Model S is a plug-in electric, full-sized luxury car, which is produced by Tesla Motors. While most cars do not improve over time, the Model S gets faster, better and smarter as time passes. With its over-the-air software updates, this five-door car has enhanced performance, added better functionality and improved user experience.

Unlike a hundred of moving parts into gasoline internal combustion engines, Tesla Model S has an electric motor with just one moving piece – the rotor. Therefore, its acceleration is instantaneous, smooth and silent. Among other innovations, the latest update gives two key applications that make evolution in automobile engineering.

battery swap - Tesla model S

Range Assurance

This application is always running quietly even when the navigation system is not in use. In a very short time, it communicates with the Tesla Superchargers network and destination chargers, and warns the driver before he drives out of range. The charging network has developed dramatically in recent years, so the entire Canadian and US population is within network range, as well as western and northern Europe. In the next twelve months, all of North America and Europe will be covered too, as well as the Japan main islands, China (excluding far inland low population areas) and southern Australia.

The navigation system shows a map of the optimal charging locations and leads driver to the closest one. From a driver standpoint, there is no need for any calculations or thinking ahead, because all complex operations are automatic. The Tesla Model S software makes it effectively impossible for a driver to run out of charge on the road.

Trip planner

Tesla Model S automatically navigates driver to the desired destination by integrating the most convenient charging options into his route. This car looks up the best charging locations in real time, and it always has the latest list of Tesla Superchargers. Then, car software figures out the most convenient and fastest (the shortest) path to a certain location. It also includes stoppage time at each location. When your car is ready to go, it will send you a message via the unique Tesla phone app.

Typical charging time takes 20 to 30 minutes, which matches the time required to visit the restroom and eat or drink coffee. The Supercharger network provides safe and comfortable long distance journey to all Tesla Model S owners.

New safety features

Tesla Model S has a lower probability of injury compared to any car ever tested. However, team of Tesla engineers added some more safety features to make this car even safer for driving.

  • Automatic Emergency Braking – it will engage in the case of an unavoidable car crash
  • Blind Spot Warning – this feature alerts you when driver behind you is too close
  • Side and front collision warning
  • Valet Mode – allows the driver to place his car into a restricted mode, locking the glove box, limiting its speed and hiding personal information. It protects your Tesla Model S when an unwanted person is behind the wheel.

Other car updates

In addition to the above mentioned properties, other car updates are: new audio codec (improve sound quality), active cruise control refinements and radio tuning improvements. All these advanced updates deliver exhilarating performance to Tesla Model S.

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Homepage » Green Products » Transportation » Do you know what is Tesla Model S?