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Audi: Produce e-Diesel From Water & CO2


It seems that the future of the car is still not fully belong to EV electric cars and hydrogen fuel, recently Audi has worked with Sunfire – an energy research firm released a synthesis diesel fuel from water and CO2. It is important that new fuel called (by Audi) “e-diesel” can be used for all conventional current diesel vehicles.

The process involves heating water to 800 degrees Celsius, creating steam. Electricity – from renewable energy sources such as: solar energy, naturally, biomass in this case – heats the water, and the resulting high-temperature electrolysis breaks it down into hydrogen and oxygen. The oxygen is released, and the hydrogen is combined with CO2 taken from the atmosphere. Under high heat and pressure, the two synthesize to create a liquid known as blue crude. The blue crude is refined into what Audi calls “e-diesel”.


e-diesel is currently used by the common phase 1:1 ratio with tradition fossil diesel fuels, but in the future we can use this fuel independently. Audi and Sunfire assess the effectiveness of the whole process of creating e-diesel can up to 70%. The production process is the process of e-diesel clean, environmentally friendly because its output only oxygen and water (see picture above). E-diesel absolutely no sulfur and additives help burn fuel efficiently so it is safe for human health than traditional diesel fuel.

The successful production e-diesel instead of the original principal fossil previously opens the future for generations of combustion engines are being threatened by electric motors using hydrogen fuel cells and batteries.

Source: Road & Track

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Homepage » Green Energy » Green fuels » Audi: Produce e-Diesel From Water & CO2