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10 Bes 2015 Hybrid Technological Innovations


Hybrid technologies have made great changes in the technical world. These technologies related to devices that use multiple sources of energy (mainly electric energy and fuel energy) for their work. Hybrid technology is the most developed in the field of hybrid vehicles. Today, there are many hybrid devices on the market, and these are top ten 2015 hybrid innovations.

2015 Hybrid - Hybrid technology

E-tron Quattro – the Hybrid technology on Audi A5. Image credit: greencarreports.com

#1 – Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The new Surface Pro 3 is definitely the best Microsoft’s PC to date. This 2015 hybrid device is more successful as a tablet replacement than a laptop replacement. It is lighter and thinner than the previous versions, and has a higher screen resolution and larger 12-inch display.

#2 – Acer Switch 10

The Acer Switch 10 is a unique hybrid that skips the more common button-clasp or fold-back hinges and has screen via a magnetic connection. This small PC hybrid has a modern keyboard and touchpad.

#3 – Hybrid-Electric Airplane

The first hybrid airplane, product of Cambridge University researchers and airplane giant Boeing, can recharge its batteries. Its petrol engine also works with the battery-powered (an additional source of energy) and uses 30% less fuel.

#4 – The 2015 Chevrolet Volt

Among 2015 hybrid cars, the Chevrolet Volt is particularly popular. It is a plug-in hybrid that has a battery with high capacity (17.1 kWh), and offers nice engaging driving experience.

#5 – The 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid

A great hybrid vehicle with 40 combined mpg rating. In fact, it is a combination of crossover car, wagon and hybrid. The 2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid has responsive handling and compliant ride quality. Recommended reading: Hybrid Cars And Their Main Characteristics.

#6 – The 2015 Ford F150 hybrid truck

This hybrid truck has a body that is 700 pounds lighter than the previous 2014 F150. Its main advantages are the savings in fuel costs and less weight – for half-ton. Also, models like the CMax Hybrid and the Fusion Hybrid are great competitors for the Camry Hybrid.

#7 – “Silent Hawk” motorcycle

“Silent Hawk” is a 2015 hybrid electric motorcycle, specially designed for military use. Currently, this trippy looking motorcycle is not available on the civilian market, but we hope that it will soon be available to everyone.

#8 – “Vibe Shot” – a camera-phone hybrid device

Lenovo unveils a new 2015 hybrid camera-phone in March. The “Vibe Shot” has a full-frame 16:9 low-light sensor, the 16-megapixel rear camera and the 8-megapixel front camera. Also, Lenovo presented another two hybrid devices – A7000 smartphone and Pocket Projector.

#9 – The “Greenline 33” hybrid boat

The Greenline 33 is the world’s first serialized production hybrid yacht. Its main features are: hybrid propulsion system, max speed – 12 knots, the length of 33 feet, solar roof (recharges batteries and provides additional energy), lithium batteries and 165 horsepower engine.

#10 – 2015 FIAT 500e battery electric car

The FIAT 500e is the 2015 hybrid vehicle that contains: 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS), 111 hp engine, 1-speed automatic transmission, 15″ aluminum wheels, side seat and driver knee airbags, automatic air conditioning, integrated navigation system, driveline traction control and , cruise control. This hybrid is a typical city car.

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