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Top 5 Green Technologies For 2015


In addition to these technology products, such as photovoltaic battery, electric cars already environmentally friendly then there are other devices though less well known but are also designed to reverse the negative effects of humans on the environment. According to experts, the wave of green technology will focus on people who are conscious about the environment, the special products and services can provide users with the ability to better control on carbon emissions from the equipment and technology. Here are the green technologies is expected to take off in 2015:

green technology

Not all green technologies is expected in 2015 are based on computing power. Some technology still works in a very classical energy sources such as solar.

Smart house

Smart house is a concept that has mentioned quite a lot in the past year. Literally the house will become smarter when everything inside is connected to the Internet. The appliances and measuring equipment is connected to a network (also known as the Internet of Things) will allow users to track their energy use at home and at the office every day. Thereby, the user can create the habit of using energy more efficiently and reduce energy costs. Smart home technology (smart house) is not new, but they might find a suitable market in 2015.

This year, the homeowners and businesses will depend more on Internet connectivity products such as smart thermostats, which will remember the user’s preferred and can sense when the user is not at home to automatically adjust the climate in order to save energy. Because the device is connected to Wi-Fi networks, they can be controlled remotely via a phone or tablet.

Smarter homeowners

Maximizing the energy efficiency of your home with smart technologies is a worthwhile endeavor, but even with data about your energy use in hand, becoming more efficient might be easier said than done, said Mark Peters, the associate lab director at Argonne National Laboratory’s energy and global security directorate. That’s why Peters predicts that, as more people jump on the Internet of Things bandwagon, new technologies will also arise to make sense of the data collected from Internet-connected products.

“As you start to see more and more smart

online, you start to deal with an immense amount of data that has to be managed, and you have to empower the consumer to be able to take advantage of this data,” Peters told Live Science. That means combining advanced computing with user-friendly interfaces, he added.

That’s exactly what products like Lucid Design Group’s new BuildingOS aim to do. This cloud-based application gives users the tools they need to analyze the efficiency of any building. Designed with offices in mind, not homes, BuildingOS provides a central hub where the data from all of a building’s systems (e.g. water, electric, gas, solar power) can be processed and understood. If the experts are correct, you’ll likely see many similar applications emerge for homeowners in the new year.

Green apps

In 2015, a variety of applications will become more popular this year to help the user “green” make useful decisions for the environment.

For example Think Dirty – an application that allows you to compare the components between different products when shopping in the store cosmetics, beauty services. You simply scan the barcode of a product to see if the products have ingredients cause cancer, neurological or hormonal influence or not. Or Food Tripping – an application that uses GPS data to help you find the juice bar, farmers markets and cafes healthy when you leave the house. Nardi also mentioned about iRecycle – an application that lets you find out where to dispose of old items from the oven to the phone charger failure.

Solar fuels

Not all green technologies is expected in 2015 are based on computing power. Some technology still works in a very classical energy sources such as solar.

Joule – a company that located in Massachusetts currently operates from solar energy to produce fuels such as ethanol, diesel and gasoline. Joule developed a special optical system in which waste water is contaminated with bacteria combine to produce a specific type of fuel when exposed to sunlight and carbon dioxide.

With the ability to create fuel and chemicals, artificial photosynthesis system promises to help reduce the demand for fossil fuels. In addition, the process also demonstrates the potential use of solar energy, according to Peters. However, he said that this technology still needs time to innovation and commercialization. So we do not expect that gasoline or fuel is produced by the solar plant so will appear in this year.

Solar power

Although solar energy has long been exploited to produce electricity, but solar power technology has only been seriously invest in some countries like the US. However, according to Peters predicts, all will change in 2015.

He said: “You will continue to witness improvements in materials and technology in the field of photovoltaic and wind power. But I think the most exciting thing to happen in 2015 is the renewable energy source will fit with the larger system – that means how they will be integrated into the existing power systems and energy storage sources?”

Peters and his colleagues at Argonne laboratory is studying to revisit the traditional energy storage, such as batteries in order to better options, better suited to store solar energy and put it into the grid. One option is the line of rechargeable batteries – battery anode is made ​​of liquid materials. These batteries are not so high-priced, durable and safer because it can be used with the large grid.

Source: livescience.com

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