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Solar Smartphone – New Mobile Phone Technology


The life of modern man has become unthinkable without a mobile phone. Only a few years ago, we marveled touch screen phones. However, mobile phone technology has progressed in recent years, and one of the latest innovations is solar smartphone. Like other solar devices, this phone uses free solar energy for its work and saves electricity.

There are four basic ways to charge your mobile phone:

  • Classic mobile batteries that are powered by the typical electric charger
  • A conventional mobile phones with batteries powered by external solar chargers
  • Solar mobile phones with built-in solar panel (cells) for solar energy absorption
  • The combined method of charging – the mobile phone can be charged by electricity and a built-in solar panel (or by some solar charger)

Many well-known mobile phone companies are interested in the production and development of these cell phones. So, it is very likely that almost all of us will have solar mobile phone very soon. In the text below, you can read about the solar smartphone technology and find out some models of these cell phones.

Samsung E1107 is the world’s first solar cell phone. It is also known as “Solar Guru” or “Crest Solar”. The Samsung E1107 was first released in India (July 10, 2009). It is a two-tier GSM device that can be recharged wherever the sun shines. On the phone back side is a built-in solar panel. Crest solar is equipped with many additional features including FM radio, MP3 ringtones, flashlight, video games, etc.

Another well-known Samsung solar smartphone model is Samsung Blue Earth (also known as Samsung GT-S7550 or Samsung S7550). It is a touch screen phone with a solar panel on its back. “Blue Earth” is made of recycled plastic, and its weight is 119 grams. Also, it can use some conventional rechargeable battery.

Solar Smartphone

Samsung Blue Earth is one of the solar smartphones

The “Charg” is the first solar mobile phone made in China. This is a cell phone model with a built-in modern system for the use of solar energy. The solar panel is mounted on the front of the phone. Only 60 minutes of charging in direct sunlight, provides a telephone conversation up to 40 minutes. Phone charging is also possible on a cloudy day. Even the light that is emitted from an ordinary candle can charge this phone. Solar smartphone “Charg” has all the features and options as well as all other mobile phones. Its weight is 140 grams. In China, mobile phone chargers spend about 400 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Alcatel has demoed a cell phone with the built-in solar panel on its screen. However, the main problem of this Alcatel solar smartphone is short battery life. Therefore, experts from this company are still working on improving the efficiency of solar panel.

“Juse nano battery” charger for solar smartphone is one of the newest devices in the world of mobile phones. It absorbs solar energy, then stores solar power in special nano battery and charges phone. Built-in solar cells are twice as efficient as the external mobile chargers. Solar cells can also work in low light, and the battery is connected to a power system. This device is actually some kind of cases for mobile phones. The design is beautiful, and some phones (like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, and so on) are already using this supplement.

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Homepage » Green Products » Solar Smartphone – New Mobile Phone Technology