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Green tips: Solar Swimming Pool Covers and Reels


If you want to save money on pool heating and chemical costs, using a solar swimming pool cover is a great idea. Solar swimming pool covers and reels are available for both above ground and in-ground pools and provide pool owners with a number of significant benefits in addition to cost savings. When considering the purchase of solar swimming pool covers and reels, it’s helpful to understand how solar pool covers work and how the various available models differ from each other. After reading the following information, pool owners will be armed with such knowledge so that informed decisions will be possible.

Solar Swimming Pool Covers


The purpose of solar swimming pool covers is to use the sun’s energy to raise and maintain the temperature of pool water. Their ability to do so stems from their unique design which features thousands of tiny air pockets or bubbles. The air contained within these pockets captures heat from the sun and that heat is then transferred into the pool water. At the same time, these air pockets serve as insulators, preventing heat loss so that temperature reductions will be less significant during the night and on cloudy days.


Solar swimming pool covers are made from tough resins and are often treated to resist damage caused by UV radiation. Solar pool covers are available in different models and thicknesses, the latter of which most typically ranges between 5 mil and 16 mil. While thicker models will cost more than thinner ones, they will also provide greater durability and longevity. To further enhance strength and durability, some solar pool covers feature flat, extra-strong seams. Such seams will withstand repeated folding and will also reduce the likelihood of cover damage caused by rips and tears.


While solar swimming pool covers are available in different thicknesses, they are also available in different colors. The color of a solar cover affects the level of heat transference that can occur. This is because certain colors will block more sunlight, preventing it from penetrating the cover and reaching the water. For example, clear solar covers, which block approximately 5 to 15 per cent of solar energy, provide better heat transference than blue solar covers, which block approximately 20 to 40 per cent of solar energy. Silver solar covers, or those with a silver underside, provide even greater water heating as the silver coloring will reflect heat back into the pool.


The benefits of using solar swimming pool covers and reels are many in number. First and foremost, solar pool blankets can raise the temperature of pool water by 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to provide a more comfortable swimming environment and also extends swimming seasons. Moreover, since solar pool covers rely only on the sun’s energy, they present a very environmentally friendly pool heating option.

When used to reduce reliance on gas pool heaters, solar pool covers can dramatically lower energy consumption and, in turn, energy costs. Solar swimming pool covers can also be used as a pool’s sole form of heating, particularly in very sunny climates. In such cases, pool owners will have no heating costs. Solar swimming pool covers for above ground and in-ground pools can also cut back on chemical costs. By reducing chemical loss through evaporation, solar pool covers also reduce the need for replacement chemicals. Finally, solar pool covers can help to keep swimming pools cleaner, as less debris will be able to enter the water when the pool is left covered while not in use.

Solar Pool Cover Reels

As with solar swimming pool covers, solar cover reels are available for both above ground and in-ground swimming pools. These reels allow pool owners to conveniently and easily make use of their solar pool covers. Also, by allowing for smooth placement and removal, solar pool cover reels reduce the likelihood of covers becoming damaged. Some solar pool cover reels even allow for easy use by just one person, which is important for many pool owners.

Solar swimming pool cover reels of the best quality are constructed from durable, corrosion-proof materials that will withstand repeated use as well as exposure to the elements and pool chemicals. Available in a variety of different models, solar pool cover reels can be found to fit a variety of budgets. While many reels are manually-driven, hand crank reels, others are water-driven models that attach to a regular garden hose.

Above ground pool cover reels typically attach to the pool’s top rail and will pivot out of the way while swimmers are in the pool. In-ground cover reels features sturdy bases for excellent stability and many models are very portable, easily wheeling out of the way for winter storage or other purposes. With solar swimming pool covers and solar cover reels both available in many different models with a variety of prices, there are options available for every swimming pool and every pool owner. When solar pool covers and reels are used together, pool owners can conveniently enjoy warmer pool water as well as all of the other benefits and advantages mentioned above.

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